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About Alina

Love-Sessions favorite dating expert and writer, Alina is an expert in Romantic Relationships, as well as Dating, Sexuality and Self-Esteem Issues. Alina can be found all over the web for her insightful articles.

Couples & Passwords

Recent Poll: Should Couples have each other’s Passwords?
If there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to relationships, it is that trust is super important. If you cannot trust each other, then your relationship cannot carry that feeling of safety and security that it needs in order to be healthy […]

Ask Alina

Every week, Love Expert Alina will give a quick, short answer to common questions asked and submitted to us here at Love-Sessions. Her answers can be read through our E-mail newsletters, or by going to the Alina Answers Page on our website here.
Ask Alina
Question: After a few years, my ex now wants me back and […]

Are you Bad in Bed?

Having sex is a little like baseball- it can be a hit or miss. You are either going to score a home run or will end up with disappointing results.

When the sex is bad, does it mean you or your sex partner are bad at it? Not necessarily!

Most of us have had our share […]

Foods to NOT Eat on a First Date

It’s your first date- and like many first dates, you two are going out for a nice, fun dinner. Perfect! No setting is better for a good “getting to know you” conversation than an appealing dining scene and good food. Be careful what you choose on the menu though- or your date will avoid […]

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Are You Sending too many Selfies?

Yes, we do live in a selfie culture and taking selfies on a daily basis is the norm. In fact, many people have hundreds if not thousands of followers via social media, eager to see what selfie they will post next. This is all fun and fine, but what about in the case of […]

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Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits (FWB)- this is not a new thing. We have heard of friends with benefits for a very long time now- heck, some of us have had friends with benefits or even in a FWB relationship right now!

As common as frie nds with benefits is, it is still a topic that gets […]

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