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oh my gosh

oh my gosh so theres this guy he is so cute blonde hair blue eyes the typical canadian boy he loves hockey and he has the best personality but the bad thing is that he is one year older then me and we don't really know each other like i know him well enough to [...]

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Best friend

I'm in love with my best friend even though he has I girlfriend I want him to be mine I feel guilty because his girlfriend is my friend but im also in love with him and i recently met my best friends friend and im starting to fall for him to and i love them [...]

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I’m a first timer MISTRESS…

I've been a good girlfriend in 6 years relationship with my boyfriend, but I just woke up and realized one that I'm cheating... I've been involved with a married police man which I called DAD... He's 7 years older than me. He became my customer in my shop, that's how I met him! Even I [...]

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I have been cheating on my boyfriend for some time and he thinks I'm so faithful he thinks I am not cheating cuz I always tell him I love him so much and I would never hurt him nor cheat on him. (Screen) Name: m!ss t3-t3 p00h

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Fallen Apart.

I had a hard time trusting guy, especially those who are romantically involved with me. This happen because, i always end up being hurt by my boyfriends, and it was a hard thing to accept. I'm a person who can't accept changes. If i do need to accept, i need time. I came in and [...]

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mission: love hurts

We met at our present duty station and I cant think about leaving him. We both get deployed in July.... to different countries. And in a few short months we'll have to part ways for uptraining before we go. His home town is 1500 miles away from mine. But this guy is so amazing, f#cking [...]

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Stuck in between the two

Ok, Im stuck in between the two with these guys, both names starting with j's. We'll call the first one johnny and the other one jake. I was first talking to johnny for a long period, since middle and high school. We stop communicating for a while. Soon we started up again my junior year [...]

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Still in love with my babyfather

I have broken up with my babyfather for 1 year, I am now with a next guy, and I am pregnant, but i dont love him. i love my babyfather i cant stop thinking about him, sometimes i cry myself to sleep at nights. i call him, and he told me he still loves me. [...]

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daring to be a risk-taker…

my story goes way back....but it's a confession i've held in my heart for the longest time, and i feel the need to share it with the readers, hoping that you might have some advice to share with me back. there's this guy (we'll call him J), who i've had a crush on for the [...]

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Marriage in Danger!

He was my childhood & lifetime dreamboy love.My ex- boyfriend and me were madly in-love w/ each other until now since we broke up 12 years ago,Despite were married w/ kids.I have 2 kids both boys,& he has 5 children at 38y/o.He's not happy w/ his wife and he was only bonded w/ love only [...]

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