oh my gosh

oh my gosh so theres this guy he is so cute blonde hair blue eyes the typical canadian boy he loves hockey and he has the best personality but the bad thing is that he is one year older then me and we don’t really know each other like i know him well enough to know that i like him we see eachother like 2 times (minamum) a week (i think the most was like 6 times) anyways i really like him but he is differnt not like all the other hockey players he is really down to earth and sweet and funny! he is my dream guy and i can’t get him off of my mind! would it be weird if i told him? would it make everything we have disapear????? what would it do would it make things ackward? better? i don’t know i honestly don’t know! i just DON’T KNOW and its driving me crazy and my friends say i should go for it but im nervis im always like this plan to do something and then get so scared and embaressed to do it so i don’t know i reaally wanna tell him but i think to him im just a silly little girl! but im not like that im very mature for my age. and i don’t know what to do tell him? justignore it? become better friends? thing is i met him at my bros hockey and they only have a minamum of 3 games left!!! and….and…i really like him. but then i look at the people i would be hurting if i did tell him and there is always that possiblity that i could hurt him by telling him!!!! and i don’t wanna do that! like i could hurt him like 3 guys and possibly my friends! i seriously don’t know what to do:( hes my dream guy and i don’t even have a chance 🙁 or do i?
OMG I DO!!!!! u know what this thing really helps kk bye

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Best friend

I’m in love with my best friend even though he has I girlfriend I want him to be mine I feel guilty because his girlfriend is my friend but im also in love with him and i recently met my best friends friend and im starting to fall for him to and i love them both and they both have feelings for me but in the end i know someone will get hurt. . . badly

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I’m a first timer MISTRESS…

I’ve been a good girlfriend in 6 years relationship with my boyfriend, but I just woke up and realized one that I’m cheating… I’ve been involved with a married police man which I called DAD… He’s 7 years older than me. He became my customer in my shop, that’s how I met him! Even I knew he had a family already, I didn’t think it’s a big deal coz I love him already…. I love my boyfriend too but sad to say I love my DAD too… I can’t live without him now… What will I do?

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Fallen Apart.

I had a hard time trusting guy, especially those who are romantically involved with me. This happen because, i always end up being hurt by my boyfriends, and it was a hard thing to accept. I’m a person who can’t accept changes. If i do need to accept, i need time. I came in and out of relationship for my 21 years. Sometimes, i get tired thinking that true love never exist and i will never be able to have someone who truly loves me for who i am. 2 years ago, i met this guy and we fell for each other. We always have our ups and downs, but mainly we were always fighting due to not trusting each other. We tried so hard, to make it work and we did actually at this point of time. Suddenly, it was on my birthday, when someone told me that my boyfriend actually cheated on me with another girl for 2 weeks. I was completely confused for who i shall want to trust. After much asking him, he confess it was true. I was very badly affected by it until now and im having a hard time trusting him once again. I want to make it work, i still love him. I forgive him, but i just cant accept the fact that he could actually do that to me. I keep thinking about it and become paranoid most of the time. We’ve been fighting non stop since then. I know, we love each other still, but how am i supposed to go like this, can someone help me please. ='(

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mission: love hurts

We met at our present duty station and I cant think about leaving him. We both get deployed in July…. to different countries. And in a few short months we’ll have to part ways for uptraining before we go. His home town is 1500 miles away from mine.
But this guy is so amazing, f#cking fantastic. I can connect with him unlike I ever have with anyone else. We literally spend all of our free time together, even if its just to sit and read. He’s so smart and responsible and fun and quirky and sexy. I just can’t leave that…..
A fling in this life is nothing to turn your head at, it happens all the time. But this is different.
Maybe spending a year seeing eachother on skype when we can and being miserably lonely and trying to figure out who is moving where when we get back is worth it? If we even still fel the same then? Who knows, my battles say go for it bc why not. But I dont know if a relationship built over such a short time period is capable of such resilience.
I guess I’ll find out, what do you think?

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Stuck in between the two

Ok, Im stuck in between the two with these guys, both names starting with j’s. We’ll call the first one johnny and the other one jake. I was first talking to johnny for a long period, since middle and high school. We stop communicating for a while. Soon we started up again my junior year in high school. We never told each other that we liked each other but there was always a sexual connection between us. My senior year I moved out of town and we started to talk even more, every night, we even had phone sex many times, and our desires grew more and more. Then one night I spilled the beans and told johnny I had strong feelings for him, and he confessed the same thing. We freely showed our feelings in public and everyone knew about it even jake, the other guy and best friend of johnny. Things were great and nothing changed until I stopped receiving phone calls, and text messages from him, and he was always upset and angry towards me like I did something to him. We ended it and he told me to drop my feelings and I told him I did and that was it. We would see each other and nothing would be said so I dropped it and that was it. Some months after his friend, my friend also started to talk, text, talk on facebook, the communication got stronger and so did the feelings. It was this one saturday I was excited to see him and then possibly tell him there was some feelings there, but he left where I was, and he did not say where he was going. I took the initiative to facebook him( yeah I facebooked him) lol. I told him everything, how my feelings towards him, and in response he told me that same night he started his own relationship with another girl that goes to his same church..I felt many feelings.. sad, hatred… angry.. everything in the book, you name it, I had it. He also said that he always had a thing for me, but he knew I was talking to his best friend so he could not have done that to him. (This is where all the drama starts guys) Jake started to call me more often and started to wonder what if we had gotten together, this was the time my mother had to have surgery and she went in the hospital for a week. We made arrangements to come to my house to chill because he never been to my home. I was so shocked knowing he was in a relationship. He came over after school and it was at night. We started to talk and played some games in the living room. Then he asked me to show him around the house, so I did and we ended downstairs in the guest room on the bed MAKING OUT WITH EACH OTHER!!! We made out with each other till our lips came dry. We both stopped it and said he had a girlfriend and he should be loyal to her. I sent him home and that was the end if it. A couple of weeks passed and the choir jake and I are in had to perform in miami, going there was just fine, coming back was the problem, many things happen in that van, Im not going to go into detail. Then it was on a day to day thing, he would come over and we would let things happen. Johnny came back to me several time asking for forgiveness and told me he still liked me, but at the time I was into jake, so I told him no, im seeing someone in hopes of one day jake and I would become an item. Jake girlfriend, we’ll call her flower, had to move down south, as a result they broke up because of the long distance relationship that couldn’t happen by jake. He also told me that we couldn’t get together either knowing that fact I was about to leave for school. We made a conclusion that we were going to wait for each other till school ended. Johnny came back many times during this whole fling with me and jake and I still refused but I secretly wanted him, and Jake asked me many times am I over him? and I said yes. when I moved away things were ok, I missed jake a lot and we talked almost everyday, then it started to decrease and decrease, until he was just to busy for me. Johnny appeared many times asking me for another chance, but I still declined, because I still stuck on Jake.
After this, Johnny and I got into many arguments about how he hurt me, but I guess that was my way of telling him I missed him still. We got into a huge argument and we said that was it, the communication is over between the two of us. I was really sadden and hoped he was just playing around, but after that we haven’t said a word to each other. Jake and I talked about our relationship and he said that he was not in the position so be in a relationship nor try to make one happen, and he told me lets work on a friendship.. I sadly agreed, a little angry also, because I felt like I wasted my time. The next couple of weeks I was back at home for winter break and happen to see the updated relationship status from johnny, and that he was in a relationship. My heart sunk to the floor because I knew that I still had feelings for him, he was almost my first and there was a lot of history behind us. i didn’t get a chance to see him because he went to New York for vacation. Now Im back home for school, and I keep thinking about him, and I want to tell him how I feel, but I don’t want him to know I was messing with his best friend, and hurt their relationship. My friends tell me to let it go, I guess I have to do that. What do you guys think? Now Im stuck in between the two, and I don’t want to hurt anyone… but am I hurting myself??

Thats my story

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Still in love with my babyfather

I have broken up with my babyfather for 1 year, I am now with a next guy, and I am pregnant, but i dont love him. i love my babyfather i cant stop thinking about him, sometimes i cry myself to sleep at nights. i call him, and he told me he still loves me. he want us to get bk together. but i havent tell him dat i am pregnant, i dont want to lose him. wat should i do, please help me

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daring to be a risk-taker…

my story goes way back….but it’s a confession i’ve held in my heart for the longest time, and i feel the need to share it with the readers, hoping that you might have some advice to share with me back.

there’s this guy (we’ll call him J), who i’ve had a crush on for the longest time during my childhood. apparently, his father and my father have been best friends since they were in grade school. our families pretty much grew up together, just in different sides of the world, but whenever we visited my relatives, our families would spend time together. J is 7 years older than me.

years have passed, and when I was a freshman in high school, J took his first trip to america and stayed with my family for a few days before traveling cross country. my heart was pounding, literally. he was just too cute, but of course, why would a 21 year old be interested in a 14 year old nerd like me?

years after that have passed…and i later learned that he had moved to france to work. he was fluent in french. he studied law. he was/is a brilliant guy, period. but then he met someone – who was 11 years YOUNGER than him. she was 20, he was 31. and since then, they’ve been together.

J has 4 younger siblings. he’s well connected with them, but there’s only one sister that he has always had a “best friend” relationship with (we’ll call her Y). Y and i are good friends too. she’s probably the only sibling that i’m in touch with on an almost daily basis. she had been sharing her family stories with me, and happened to open up to me about J. she told me that her “brotherly bond” with J nearly collapsed because of J’s girlfriend (we’ll call her S). S has been a nightmare to Y – keep in mind, that Y is 6 years older than S. Y told me of unspeakable situations…which pretty much made me furious knowing that J is under some kind of freak spell that S put on him. S turned J against his own sister. and J ended up not talking to Y for the longest time.

Y told me everything about this witch girlfriend. and today, J is 37, and not even engaged. it’s like something is holding him back from making that move, because maybe in the back of his mind, he knows he’s NOT supposed to be with her. oh, and not to mention that his entire family (his mom and other siblings) do NOT like her. when Y told me everything, i confessed to her about my feelings for her brother. i never told anyone. and she was happy to know that i liked him.

it’s been a few months since i approached this subject….and yes, J and S are still together, but i have a feeling that they wont be for long. i’ve been told that getting in the way of love (even if it’s love that isn’t meant to be) will backfire at you…meaning, you create bad karma for yourself. who am i to break them up? i could never do anything like that. but i want to take a risk, and make him aware of my existence. then, it would be up to him to decide what he really wants.

it’s like, knowing that my father and his father have been friends for over 70 years….maybe we were meant to combine families somehow.
anyway, that’s my confession. probably not the best one out there, but i just felt the need to share this story. and feel free to give me some advice as to how to approach him….if i should or shouldn’t. i feel like he’s making a huge mistake and wasting his years away with the wrong person. i’m not saying that i am the right one for him, but who knows…i’ve liked him for a long time. and i think when you like someone, the feelings will never fade away. it’s easier to stop loving someone.

thanks for your time!

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Marriage in Danger!

He was my childhood & lifetime dreamboy love.My ex- boyfriend and me were madly in-love w/ each other until now since we broke up 12 years ago,Despite were married w/ kids.I have 2 kids both boys,& he has 5 children at 38y/o.He’s not happy w/ his wife and he was only bonded w/ love only for the sake of his children. I’m confused coz i love him more than my husband now. but were not seeing each other yet for 12 yrs since we departed fr our past relationship,I had a relationship w/ him then despite he’s married but i’m single that time & he was my dream boy since i was in elem grades until now.Now were communicating only thru text messages & call everyday and we haven’t seen each others yet still planning to take all the risks and give up everything in the name of love,it grown deeper each day since we started texting since June,2009.That we promised to be together for the rest of our life on our happiest moment until death do us part & were dreaming it and we PROMISED it.What are we gonna do?pls adivise IM SO CONFUSED… Thanks…

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