oh my gosh

oh my gosh so theres this guy he is so cute blonde hair blue eyes the typical canadian boy he loves hockey and he has the best personality but the bad thing is that he is one year older then me and we don’t really know each other like i know him well enough to know that i like him we see eachother like 2 times (minamum) a week (i think the most was like 6 times) anyways i really like him but he is differnt not like all the other hockey players he is really down to earth and sweet and funny! he is my dream guy and i can’t get him off of my mind! would it be weird if i told him? would it make everything we have disapear????? what would it do would it make things ackward? better? i don’t know i honestly don’t know! i just DON’T KNOW and its driving me crazy and my friends say i should go for it but im nervis im always like this plan to do something and then get so scared and embaressed to do it so i don’t know i reaally wanna tell him but i think to him im just a silly little girl! but im not like that im very mature for my age. and i don’t know what to do tell him? justignore it? become better friends? thing is i met him at my bros hockey and they only have a minamum of 3 games left!!! and….and…i really like him. but then i look at the people i would be hurting if i did tell him and there is always that possiblity that i could hurt him by telling him!!!! and i don’t wanna do that! like i could hurt him like 3 guys and possibly my friends! i seriously don’t know what to do:( hes my dream guy and i don’t even have a chance 🙁 or do i?
OMG I DO!!!!! u know what this thing really helps kk bye

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