Over the summer I was in a relationship with a previous good friend. Things ended poorly and we dont speak. I still think i am in love with him 6 months later. I am now considering a new relationship with my closest guy friend. He is very into me but I am somewhat unsure of him. what should i do?

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How do I help my best friend deal with having a long term relationship with another woman, while not wanting to destroy his remarriage to the mother of his children? The long term relationship has been going on for 25 years through his marriage, divorce, girlfriend, their separation and his remarriage to his first wife? They are both married, but seem totally, emotionally connected to each other

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I NEED a break from my husband.

We have been together since I was 17. I am now 21. We got married when we were only 19. I think back now and I know we got married to soon. He was my first boyfriend and I as his. We have never been with other people and it’s finally starting to get to the both of us. I dont want to leave him. I love him. I want to grow old with him but I believe we need a break from each other. We need to date other people and experience other people. I have been thinking about being with someone else a lot lately. I want so badly to be able to kiss this person and fool around with him. Im so confuse I dont know what to do.

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