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More then friends?

When I went to college, I met this guy through orientation camp and was attracted to him cause of his sense of humour and looks. Rather unexpectedly, we became rather close friends over the camp and in the past few months as both of us stay in the same hall. Everyone in hall thinks that [...]

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love secret

I' m a 20 years old student of bca. I have an affair since 4 years. I luv him so much but now a days i hav fall in crush with an unseen hurts me a lot. (Screen) Name: jyoti

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I am in love with a man whom i know will never love me back in the same capacity. he is in love for someone else and cant seem to forget her or just move on and that hurts so bad knowing all that. she's a married woman w a child. it really hurts to [...]

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My affair gone wrong

I was a mistress for 6 long years...My interest finally divorced his wife and married me. I soon realized that life was better being the other woman instead of thee woman.He is 20 years older and that wasn't a big deal in the beginning because when we started he was only 42. We did all [...]

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I am in love with a married man

I have known him for nearly 10 years and before he was married to his second wife. We have always been attracted to each other and our paths finally crossed and although he was married, we connected last October when we started hanging out with each other during Trivia at the local bar and where [...]

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There's this really cute guy at my high school that I like alot and all of my friends want me to ask him out. I liked him since last year and I'm pretty sure he considers me a friend. Am I being stupid by asking him? Because I don't want to ruin our friendship, he's [...]

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life –

I'm a young lady of 22 with 2 children i work in a pub and i have met this fantastic man hes 20 yrs older than me thou now i dont see it as a problem nor does he but the thing is me and my boyfriend have separated on a temp bases as he [...]

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I am a 25yr old WOMAN who has children but I had been secretly admiring a 18yr old boy who goes to HS with my Niece. Well I put the wheels in motion and managed to get his number and chatted it up with him... Well I ended up sleeping with him... Strange thing was [...]

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Am i betraying myself?

I broke up with my ex boyfreind whom i really loved because of religion. another man propossed. i agreed at that time it was the right thing to do. As time went by i loved him. now the problem is that i feel guilty inside because i still love my ex. (Screen) Name: zama

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back stabber

Well guy 1 in this story asked my best friend out and that was her best guy friend at the time and then a couple weeks later she was going out with guy2 and guy2 told me guy1 wanted to ask me out and so i said yes. but wen we went on our first [...]

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