More then friends?

When I went to college, I met this guy through orientation camp and was attracted to him cause of his sense of humour and looks. Rather unexpectedly, we became rather close friends over the camp and in the past few months as both of us stay in the same hall. Everyone in hall thinks that there’s something going on between us and my seniors kept telling me that he treats me differently and he wants to be more than my friend. I find it hard to believe that he will fall for me. The rumours became worse recently and my room mate went to ask him if he likes me. He said that he just got out of a relationship and would not do anything about it just as yet. i don’t really know what that means. All I know is I keep trying to let him go but I can’t and it’s so hard to just treat him as a normal friend. We’re even going to watch a concert together, just the both of us. I think about him all the time, and I miss him when he’s not with me. I tell my closest friends how I feel about him and they tell me that it’s not worth it to wait for a guy like him and he’s toying with my feelings. I’m not sure if we’re just friends or is there something more. Relationships without boundaries are dangerous. There are somethings that I want to tell him but I’m afraid to do so. I want to ask him how he feels about me and whether he feels that there is something going on between us or isit just my imagine. I don’t know what to think. He treats me nice and text me to meet up with him in school for lunch or just to talk and stuff. But does he do that as a friend or cause he’s interested? I don’t want to lose his friendship and I don’t know how to tell him how I feel.

(Screen) Name: louise


I am in love with a man whom i know will never love me back in the same capacity. he is in love for someone else and cant seem to forget her or just move on and that hurts so bad knowing all that. she’s a married woman w a child. it really hurts to know all that and feel like i cant compare to her… i am single and much younger den her and more imptly, no baggage. he is emotionally unavailable. i have another guy that i was seeing and he treats me like a princess..he is still waiting for me… the difference is very obvious in the way tht they treat me… but i just seem to keep going back to him for some reason… decisions decisions. I wish he will just realise that he loves me just as much too. but i know i am just kidding myself. I rather hurt for the time being den to keep wanting and wishing for my lifetime.

(Screen) Name: inthemiddle

My affair gone wrong

I was a mistress for 6 long years…My interest finally divorced his wife and married me. I soon realized that life was better being the other woman instead of thee woman.He is 20 years older and that wasn’t a big deal in the beginning because when we started he was only 42. We did all kinds of outdoor things back then..Now I am left to unload all the groceries because now he is old. He was also financially ruined in his divorce but I didn’t care because I loved him..No big deal I thought because I was much younger and could return to school and provide for us both.He is also very controlling.I use to wonder why his wife never earned a degree when married to him(since she was a homemaker) I know now!! He doesn’t want me to return to school because he is afraid I might leave him when I’m done. Well I probably will leave now because he is holding me back..I thought she was a stupid loser for not being prepared for a situation such as the one she ended up in….I have always planned ahead..As woman we can no longer expect men to stay and always provide for us..Those men are long gone..Well what goes around comes around and the ex definately got the last laugh here because I got mine..I remember gloating on the phone with her (yes I’ve been the other woman for years..and your husband buys me the nicest presents)She laughed and said (you can have him,I don’t want him and fuck him)Well a few years ago I was dumb enough to call her on the phone and tell her how sorry I was and I wanted to offer to give him back..This ended in a horrible verbal beat down where I was ripped like a rag doll (i don’t blame her)Anyway clearly she knew what I didn’t….Rose if you ever read this..I am sorry and you are the big winner!!!!! I am existing unhappily ever after in hell with your exhusband…

(Screen) Name: dolittle

I am in love with a married man

I have known him for nearly 10 years and before he was married to his second wife. We have always been attracted to each other and our paths finally crossed and although he was married, we connected last October when we started hanging out with each other during Trivia at the local bar and where our kids go and play trivia too. Eventually, we physically connected and have not been able to quit each other. His wife found out about us based on some speculation even though no one had ever seen us together in public but he confessed to her. For almost 3 weeks we would talk during the day and meet at the park etc because he truly believed that he may be followed. Well that was not the case because she does not know where I live. I tried to break it off with him thinking that was the best thing but it only lasted a day and I could not stand not having him in my life. He went on a vacation that he had plans with her and some friends and when he came home, he started coming back to my house and we have been together every day. I know that I am crazy because I am the other woman, I am always second and I am always waiting. He says he loves me and doesn’t want to quit me but he is not ready to quit being married either even tho he said his marriage is broke or he wouldn’t be with me. I am so torn and that I know this is not right but I am in love with a married man and I believe things happen for a reason and that we should be together. I wait and continue to wait patiently in order to see what will come of this and if he decides to leave.

(Screen) Name: katkat


There’s this really cute guy at my high school that I like alot and all of my friends want me to ask him out. I liked him since last year and I’m pretty sure he considers me a friend. Am I being stupid by asking him? Because I don’t want to ruin our friendship, he’s a really nice guy.

(Screen) Name: PleaseLieToMe

life –

I’m a young lady of 22 with 2 children i work in a pub and i have met this fantastic man hes 20 yrs older than me thou now i dont see it as a problem nor does he but the thing is me and my boyfriend have separated on a temp bases as he has a drug and violence prob now i do love him but i think im better of with out him the thing is he he is violent and would make my life hell if i was to mess him abt but this guy from work im mad for he worships the ground i walk on and with him been older he is mature and better than anyone my age what do i do follow my heart or my head to keep myself and my children safe???

(Screen) Name: me


I am a 25yr old WOMAN who has children but I had been secretly admiring a 18yr old boy who goes to HS with my Niece. Well I put the wheels in motion and managed to get his number and chatted it up with him… Well I ended up sleeping with him… Strange thing was that he was actually really good with tons of Stamina… I ended it but he continues to call…. I so wanna go back to him!!!

(Screen) Name: Peachez

Am i betraying myself?

I broke up with my ex boyfreind whom i really loved because of religion. another man propossed. i agreed at that time it was the right thing to do. As time went by i loved him. now the problem is that i feel guilty inside because i still love my ex.

(Screen) Name: zama

back stabber

Well guy 1 in this story asked my best friend out and that was her best guy friend at the time and then a couple weeks later she was going out with guy2 and guy2 told me guy1 wanted to ask me out and so i said yes. but wen we went on our first date guy1 kept flirting with my best friend and that made guy2 mad and me mad. then a couple weeks later he went to the movies with my best friend and i was pissed! but not until we broke up i found out that 5other people had gone with them and wen we broke up he asked if guy2 had told me something and i said nothing to me and i couldnt believe he never even said i wanna break up he just let me do all the talking. then a couple days ago we had a big fite over things we should have talked about wen we were dating and im sooooooooooo confused!

(Screen) Name: Confused