My affair gone wrong

I was a mistress for 6 long years…My interest finally divorced his wife and married me. I soon realized that life was better being the other woman instead of thee woman.He is 20 years older and that wasn’t a big deal in the beginning because when we started he was only 42. We did all kinds of outdoor things back then..Now I am left to unload all the groceries because now he is old. He was also financially ruined in his divorce but I didn’t care because I loved him..No big deal I thought because I was much younger and could return to school and provide for us both.He is also very controlling.I use to wonder why his wife never earned a degree when married to him(since she was a homemaker) I know now!! He doesn’t want me to return to school because he is afraid I might leave him when I’m done. Well I probably will leave now because he is holding me back..I thought she was a stupid loser for not being prepared for a situation such as the one she ended up in….I have always planned ahead..As woman we can no longer expect men to stay and always provide for us..Those men are long gone..Well what goes around comes around and the ex definately got the last laugh here because I got mine..I remember gloating on the phone with her (yes I’ve been the other woman for years..and your husband buys me the nicest presents)She laughed and said (you can have him,I don’t want him and fuck him)Well a few years ago I was dumb enough to call her on the phone and tell her how sorry I was and I wanted to offer to give him back..This ended in a horrible verbal beat down where I was ripped like a rag doll (i don’t blame her)Anyway clearly she knew what I didn’t….Rose if you ever read this..I am sorry and you are the big winner!!!!! I am existing unhappily ever after in hell with your exhusband…

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