worst ever

This could be the worst time ever me and my fiance argue. this time its about our daughter going to my mothers house with out me or him. He going off by what his mother is telling him. The thing is that his sister was molested long time ago by a family member. Thing is so have i not once but several. but im not stopping my past from letting her see her grandmother. and supervised at that. i dont have the time to deal with his own mind frame. That is something he has to deal with. Or am i wrong for that.

(Screen) Name: outsideR

Religon problems

My name is Acid and I’m in love with an incredibly religious man. He is so into his religon that he had a huge blow-out with his friend because his friend didn’t believe in god, and he won’t talk to me if I start a conversation because I’m a witch and not a jehovah’s witness

(Screen) Name: Acid

We have a connection

my name is Paige. Me and Ashton have been dating for a few weeks. we were friends for a few months before and he liked me but i just wasnt interested. soon he just started looking right for me. he helped me with my problems and was there for me whenever i needed him. i realized he is the one i need. one day i was over my friends house crying about Nick my ex. we had a really bad brake-up. Ashton talked to me for hours. i told him how i felt, he told me how he felt,and now he’s my other half. my sister knows how i feel. she understands me. but why is it my dad doesn’t? im his youngest so i think he thinks that i’m growing up to fast. mabee i am. but i know how i feel. and no one can stop that. i think i am falling in love for him and he’s ready to catch me. we go together so well. we ignore eachothers flaws, we like eachother for who we are. now heres the big shocker…im only 12.

(Screen) Name: Paige<3

Mistress ‘help”

Well here it goes i know this person for like 10 + years and most recent he strated to come onto me & saying we should exchange #’s etc.,,,well we did me knowing he is very married for 12 years or more,,hie wife is younger i dont know her at all, anyhow he is in his late 50’s very attractive, so lastnight we went on a date @ my suggestion we went to eat & drink very romantic after I invited him back to stay the night since he lives a little far and he had a few drinks needless to say we had SEX! it was magical his touch so captivating now am stuck what should i do?? the saga continues…..

(Screen) Name: Mistress

Why do I have to love her?

I met this girl a year ago. She was interesting and we soon became good friends. I wanted to tell her my feelings, but then found out that one of my best guy friends also liked her (he asked me about chords to compose a love song). So, stupidly, I tried to do the “noble” thing and I actually helped them get together (against my better judgement). I thought that if I were still friends with her and if she was happy everything would be ok, but I just couldn’t face either of them afterwards. I lost both friendships and the bonds of trust I had created with her, but I still have feelings, even after a whole year of them being together. What’s more, everything I’d believed in came crashing down after I realized that what I once thought was so right was one of my worst decisions in my life. I’m so lost, ad only she will be the one to save me from this…

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ok i was a player during my teens but now ive met mr right and he has change me into a complete different person and he luvs me so bad and wants me to have his kids,but recently ive been chatting with another guy end up liking him and he the same for me,but ii cant be with him because i dont want to hurt my bf but deep down i really want a relationship with this other guy i flirt with him and hes has the same personality as mr.right.I want to have my cake and eat it at the same time but that would be cheating and i dont want to brake my bf heart. what should i do?and the next thing ill be going away for quite a few yrs and my bf said hell wait until i get back to marry me but idk if i can make it without him so long help plz.

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I met this great guy and we connected/share commons in so many areas; however, we don’t spend a lot of time together. I have met other guy and we connected/share commons and he always wants to be with me. I’m more interested in the 1st guy but confused about letting the 2nd go.

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My ex

I wish my ex would understand that i love her for who she is and not what she does and when i tell her that i miss her and don’t be worried about if she moves away after college because im trying to love some one who dose not want the love because she is scared about might happen she might get emotionally attached like me and not want to leave she doesn’t understand that i would follow her and like but i guess running away from problems are way easier than trying to figure them out. But it is a problem only she knows and wish that she didn’t only want to be friends because i would like her to have my children and be the mother to our children.

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