Breaking up?

Well Im 19, Ive been going out with my boyfriend almost a year. We were friends for 2 years and he has always been flirting with me and asking me out, but I never really paid attention to him. One day I decided to give him a chance, but like all relationships it started weird. Ive been hurt in the past and I really didnt want to fall in love with this kid, and thats why when ever we used to fight I showed him i didnt care, maybe because I knew he was going to come back to me no matter what. This went on for a while but now everything changed. I fell in love with him little by little and I started showing him I really do care, but now we are having a lot of problems. He wants me to go move in with him, I want to but I cant leave my family now because we dont work at all so theres no way we are going to be ok. He tells me that we could live with his family and they will help us but I dont believe thats good. So everytime the night hits he turns into someone I never seen, he starts yelling and screaming at me because I dont go sleep with him or because my parents dont let him stay in my house sleeping with me. After he does all the yelling he gets mad and breaks up with me. I dont know what to do no more, I dont have time for me no more, I have to be with him 24/7. I love him and I dont want to lose him but he doesnt understand me no more and he keeps breaking up with me. What can I do? I dont get bored of him at all but I know my parents do. What should I do should I move in with him or should I just let him go?

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