Breaking up?

Well Im 19, Ive been going out with my boyfriend almost a year. We were friends for 2 years and he has always been flirting with me and asking me out, but I never really paid attention to him. One day I decided to give him a chance, but like all relationships it started weird. Ive been hurt in the past and I really didnt want to fall in love with this kid, and thats why when ever we used to fight I showed him i didnt care, maybe because I knew he was going to come back to me no matter what. This went on for a while but now everything changed. I fell in love with him little by little and I started showing him I really do care, but now we are having a lot of problems. He wants me to go move in with him, I want to but I cant leave my family now because we dont work at all so theres no way we are going to be ok. He tells me that we could live with his family and they will help us but I dont believe thats good. So everytime the night hits he turns into someone I never seen, he starts yelling and screaming at me because I dont go sleep with him or because my parents dont let him stay in my house sleeping with me. After he does all the yelling he gets mad and breaks up with me. I dont know what to do no more, I dont have time for me no more, I have to be with him 24/7. I love him and I dont want to lose him but he doesnt understand me no more and he keeps breaking up with me. What can I do? I dont get bored of him at all but I know my parents do. What should I do should I move in with him or should I just let him go?

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i love my ex and my boyfriend

i love my boyfriend Freddy and my ex boyfriend and i call my ex and i tell hem that i love hem and i go what Freddy and what to do if my ex call’s me and my boyfriend answers that phone and is my ex boyfriend and get mad at my and i call my ex and tell hem that i have a boyfriend that i love so much and if he call’s me that my boyfriend will go look for hem and kill hem and i got mad at my boy friend that to live hem to go home and that to call me later and that i love hem and i love my baby boy Freddy and he love’s my to and i stop calling my ex and i live what my boyfriend Freddy and he love’s me and i have a baby what hem and i love hem and he’s baby??pos love you all??

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Me and this guy have been friends for a while. He was very persistant in getting me to go out with him on a date for months, convincing me he was exactly what I needed. When I gave him a chance he was everything i could of hoped for and more. He told me he was falling for me and things seemed perfect. Than all of a sudden he stopped answering me, was acting strange, and completely cut me out of his life. I have no idea what happened.
He is stuck in his ways, and you would assume this thought would regard being a home-body or even conservative. This relationship was exactly the opposite. He was afraid to get out of his pattern of sexual promiscuity and was unable to committ to a partner. No matter how hard he fell for me, or how well we got along, he picked and analyzed everything about our relationship to find something wrong with me, even when their wasn’t anything going wrong. Any tiny mistake I made was blown out of proportion completely.
Months after he completely cuts me out of his life for no specific reason he still contacts me. We will go weeks without seeing eachother or speaking, because I am fed up with his games and clear confusion regarding himself, his life, and his intentions with me. When we bump into eachother the next day he will contact me, try and see me and spend time with me. When/ If I finally cave and give into his constant persistence to see me, when we are together its in a group setting! And he makes no effort to fix whatever went wrong. I can’t figure out what he’s doing! Is he playing games with me? Is he interested? Does he care and not know how to show it? Do I confront him about how I feel? HELP!

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2 times broken hearted..its hurts alot

just call me kimpark…i cant speak english well i hope you understand what i confess here..
i have boyfriend our relationships its takes 3 years ago,i really love my ex boyfriend but i have alot of bad memories than good memories everytime i think what he did to me my tears falling down stream to my eyes its killing me and its hard for me to breath caused of so much pain..he cheated me over and over again..and i attemp to kill my self coz i cant take it anymore what he did to me…one day i catch him with other girl in my bed..its seems i want to kill them but its bcoz i really love my ex i let him with her..and i deciced to leave alone and set him free..its hurt but i move on..then after 1 week someone who came to my life that i thought give happiness to me..first im happy were so happy its looks my ex i forget already but after 3 weeks my new meet ex bf suddenly change and leave me for no reason..i ask my self why all men keep hurting??maybe i think the right man for me is not already come to my life…im still waiting for my right man ..even im afraid to fall inlove…and i will try again to fall inlove….:(

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Falling in love with my female friend

I think i am falling in love with a friend of mine, but its a woman and i know its wrong. I don’t know what to say about these feelings is it love or lust. what is it please help me. She is really such a nice person and i don’t want to get caught up in this make believe feelings. The feelings however are getting stronger and stronger.

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I have feelings for this dude but he has a girlfriend<that’s at least what he said. he keeps trying to grab my butt and watching me walk away also flirts with me. i don’t know if he likes me or not and if he has a girlfriend and is just saying that because he does like me or if he really doesn’t. what should i do?


I need some help! i have been with my parnet for nearly four years now. Alot of things have happend over the years. He told me that He doesn’t have the same Respect for me as he use too. Cos i did something really bad two years ago. I am not sure what do to do. I thought we have past through that. But he telling me to grow up otherwises i am out. What should i do?

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At this moment, i had met a girl who is really loving and caring, that made my love for her increased the same also to her, she is attracted to me because of my act of sweetness and care for her, at this time, we’re just bounded on loving each other with out a commitment, but it doesn’t make me sad because we love each other, no matter we are in a relationship or not but the most important thing is that we love each other and nothing can change this.

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I’m Still In love With My Girl

*sign* Well, On Sunday, my girlfriend of almost two years told me that she thinks it;s a good idea for us to take a break. She said she needs to do some soul-searching and figure out what she wants. I’m really devastated but I know that this will be better in the end. I’m a Virgo and she is an Aries. I know we are totally opposites however, opposites attract and I really feel like we will be back together because we were so great together. She really has made me realize a lot and I know I’ve made her realize a lot. I honestly feel like she is the one and only one for me. I don’t have ANY desire to go and date anyone because I was with the one girl that is meant for me. And I’m willing wait for her because she is worth it. I know she will realize what we had together was amazing and she knows I’m waiting for her return. She is the only one who will make me happy and I’m not going to give up on what we had. I’m more in love with her even more so. Recently, before this happened she met this girl name Brenna. From the start, I kind of figured she liked her but my girl wasn’t sure if she would date. Well, I know now that she is more likely going to try it out with her. Ugh…it hurts me so so bad, but I know this is for her to realize what we had together. Me and my girl, are now best friends, but for me I feel like it’s still a relationship. I’m constantly thinking about everything she said and thinking what she’s doing throughout the day. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that we will be with Brenna but I’m pretty much feel like their not going to last long because of the fact that their pretty much the same person and also Aries & Cancer really don’t work in relationships. So I’m not so worried but it’s the fact that what I shared with my girl is now going to be shared with someone else. I’m just really trying to let go and pray for her return to my arms soon. I’m really figuring that it be better that we were back together when we are living out on our own that way its a fresh start in our relationship. I am happy though that we are Best Friends because I know I would rather have her as a friend then not at all & also because with that there is a chance that we’ll be back together. I love her with all my heart & soul and I know she will realize that she wants to be back with me. I pretty much know because I know her to well. Whether or not she wants to admit it…I know she’s meant to be with me forever. I strongly believe that you don’t have to keep dating one person after another when you realize you were with the one you want, you know that one person is meant for you. I felt strongly that when I first met my girl, a voice popped in my mind that basically told me “She’s the one and only one for me”…so I’m just trying to take this a day at a time and give her space and as much as it hurts me to know that she’s going to date Brenna, I know it’s for her to realize what she really wants, which is me. I’m a strong Virgo, and once a Virgo realizes that there is a certain person they want to be with, they will wait for that person to come around…and I know that my girl, Amber, is wait so worth waiting for.
I LOVE YOU, Amber…with all my heart and I so can’t wait till we’re back together. It’s going to be so much stronger.
Brianna Lewis

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