Why do I have to love her?

I met this girl a year ago. She was interesting and we soon became good friends. I wanted to tell her my feelings, but then found out that one of my best guy friends also liked her (he asked me about chords to compose a love song). So, stupidly, I tried to do the “noble” thing and I actually helped them get together (against my better judgement). I thought that if I were still friends with her and if she was happy everything would be ok, but I just couldn’t face either of them afterwards. I lost both friendships and the bonds of trust I had created with her, but I still have feelings, even after a whole year of them being together. What’s more, everything I’d believed in came crashing down after I realized that what I once thought was so right was one of my worst decisions in my life. I’m so lost, ad only she will be the one to save me from this…

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