my classmate..

I had never been really in love until i was 16. I had to go back to school and had alot of new classmates..and there was one boy who really cought my eye. it was the first time i saw him and i fell in love with him just the first time i really saw his face. he was so handsome so cute but he doesnt know. there has already passed almost a year and he still doesnt know a thing nobody does. i dont even dare tellign my freinds cause they dislike him. this is probably my last year as his classmate after that i wont be seeing him ever again thinking of that makes me cry and i dont dare telling him.. i realy dont know what to do… sometimes when i sit nearby him i cant help myself but staring i cant follow class proper when i look at him. we dont talk much only to ask school stuff like a eraser so i confess here that i love him..

(Screen) Name: star

In love with a guy a had a thing with for some time.

I have been with my boyfriend for a year. However, I’m stll in love with a guy a had a thing with for some time. We didn’t even date, but he was perfect, everything I wanted. The problem is, he is also crazy, I don’t know. He used to tell me he loved so much, more than the girl he was actually dating, but didn’t want us to date because once we did, we’d be togheter forever. Sounds like total bullshit, I know, and it probably is.
But I don’t even care if he just left me out of the blue, there is something about him I just can’t get over. And I don’t think I like him so much just because he left me, you know what men say women are like.
He was just so strong, he knew what I wanted even before I did, he was so sexy and did such sexy things, he made me my heart beat so fast that I would shake and almost throw up.
My curent boyfriend is nothing like that. He never surprises me, never does anything really romantic and never like really grabs me and kisses me like it was the last time he would do it before we both die. The other guy did that all the time, he made me feel like the only person alive.
Now I don’t know what to do, because I don’t feel like I can break up with my boyfriend. He is the only one who loves me, who supports me and listens to me, who takes me out (i don’t have a car). I have broken up with him before because of the same reason, but I just felt fucking terrible, like I had no safety net to fall on and that I was going to disappear and die.
And even when I was single, the guy I like didn’t contact me or anything. I think I sent him a text or something but no answer.
And now he is dating this woman, who i kind of like even, I know it’s not her fault, and he wants to have a baby with her.
I told him I never wanted to have a baby, so sometimes I think this all is going perfect. He can date for a couple of years and have a baby, and then after some time he will come back to me.
I sound like a fucking insane person and I am tired of being like that. Living in a movie sometimes is fun, but it really hurts too. Especially when you have to get up in the morning and go to school taking public transport.
I hate this.

(Screen) Name: SS


hye.. let me introduce myself as CL.. sorry my grammar n english not good at all.. i just need to confess.. hopefully i’ll feel much better or at least a bit…

well.. me & him got to know each other from a group vacation. he’s a nice guy n coolest guy ever.. so do his group of friends. i felt very comfortable whenever m with him. but the problem here is.. to him everybody know that he’s in a relationship.. but the reality is.. his girlfriend is died. i know e story, may be not the whole story. but at least basic info..such as when, where, how n etc.

he still pretending like nothing happen n assuming i know tht he’s in a relationship..i felt so awkward when we talking about relationship. i did asked him n he told me yes..i’m in a relationship. and that’s stop me from asking any other question. but i like him n in love with him day by day. is this love or sympathy?? no this is not sympathy..

and i just dunno what to do now.. should i just go and tell him that i know e true story?? what should i do?? i dun wanna hurt myself by word left unspoken.

(Screen) Name: CL

its hard to love

i thinks its hard to love someone cuz when you say it and put your heart all in the damn guy and he even says he loves you and tells everyone that you are his love and you think every thing is going right but when you eventually slip its over and he doesnt care at all how you feel?????????????????????????????

(Screen) Name: Selena Cardenaz+Scotty Cossey

My Crush

ok, so it is first class of new semester. nothing new here. done this before. ok. first block – english. cool. second block – choir. Oh my god.

in the choir room, there was this totally hot guy that I had never seen before – not surprising cuz even though we have a small school, he is a senior.

every class, i try to sneak looks at him cuz he is just so damn hot

i just dont know what to do.

he definatly does not know I exist
he is not taking me to his prom 🙁

(Screen) Name: love


i have been out of a real relationship for 3 years now. i am having trouble commiting. i know that i am only 21 and i still have a long life ahead. but i want to fall in and out of love as much as possible before i get older. this is so i can be more mature in handling a relationship. but so far, no one has taken serious interest in me and i haven’t been grabbing on to anyone i like too. i think this is a serious problem and i want to start a new relationship but i have forgotten how to cause it has just been too long.

(Screen) Name: lonely

Hatred Lead to the Great Friendship of my Life

An introvert & short tempered person by nature, always believed in having quality friends around me rather than quantity….When i was in skool i was a book freak & very protective about my books.. i had a neighbor who lived opposite to my building who studied in my same school in da same grade but in different classes..she was juzz opposite to wat i was ..cud be clearly seen on her face dat she liked to enjoy her life..n studies were burdened on her … With my this impression about her .. i neva liked her .. infact if she asked me for my notes, i would bluntly say a NO…( i was mean )..She envied me as her mother was always comparine me to her as i was on time n punctual… So Her feeling of hatred towards me was mutual…But then one final dat during My 9th Class , we have class switches..n Wen i open the door to my new class i saw HER .. n i was like oh great !!!!!!!!!!!
But strangley we got along well.. n gradually we started sharing every thing about our lifes,, the funny things , the serious problems , gossiping …everythin ,.. n as time passed ..we became best friends… at a stage in my life i had to go through the toughest thing and leave the country .. and she was there beside me .. helpin me guiding me .. make me understand the toughest thing in da most simple way she cud … and its been 5 yrs and i come back again to the same country and its changed totally…i had to take a new start & the only person who stood by me den .. was her … she helped me through all my problems be it emotionally or financially or anythin … she was juzz there … i can say one thing about her for sure today … Shes the only one whom i can confide to without any hesitation and trust blindly….Shes a person with a very pure heart and who is honest not only to people but to herself ..Shes one of the best friend anyone could eva have, coz she will neva guide you to the wrong things… Thank You ..Miss Nadia Iqbal for being the True friend in my life .. Love you babes 🙂

(Screen) Name: ASHU

How do I Let him Know???

well we are not the closest of friends…he and me are just “getting to know” each other but i think he doesn’t feel the same way i do right now…my friends and his friends are trying to hook me up with him…but i guess he’s inching away from me more…=(

(Screen) Name: loveyunloved


i went out with this guy, for a year & two months. it was the best in so many ways, but ruined by the way he always argued, yelled, got jealous, etc. but despite all of our problems, i have always been and still am madly in love with him. he’s my first love. whenever i see him around now, i get happy & all i want to do is just go up to him and kiss him. he means the world to me & it’s like he’s the perfect one for me, but isn’t at the same time. i’ve tried to move on and go out with another guy but it never works. it’s like no one can even come close to him, no matter how much i try not to compare the two. i love him so much and i know he does too, but it just won’t work out. & that’s the one thing i want more than anything else in this world.

(Screen) Name: suupsuupbby