i went out with this guy, for a year & two months. it was the best in so many ways, but ruined by the way he always argued, yelled, got jealous, etc. but despite all of our problems, i have always been and still am madly in love with him. he’s my first love. whenever i see him around now, i get happy & all i want to do is just go up to him and kiss him. he means the world to me & it’s like he’s the perfect one for me, but isn’t at the same time. i’ve tried to move on and go out with another guy but it never works. it’s like no one can even come close to him, no matter how much i try not to compare the two. i love him so much and i know he does too, but it just won’t work out. & that’s the one thing i want more than anything else in this world.

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