Hatred Lead to the Great Friendship of my Life

An introvert & short tempered person by nature, always believed in having quality friends around me rather than quantity….When i was in skool i was a book freak & very protective about my books.. i had a neighbor who lived opposite to my building who studied in my same school in da same grade but in different classes..she was juzz opposite to wat i was ..cud be clearly seen on her face dat she liked to enjoy her life..n studies were burdened on her … With my this impression about her .. i neva liked her .. infact if she asked me for my notes, i would bluntly say a NO…( i was mean )..She envied me as her mother was always comparine me to her as i was on time n punctual… So Her feeling of hatred towards me was mutual…But then one final dat during My 9th Class , we have class switches..n Wen i open the door to my new class i saw HER .. n i was like oh great !!!!!!!!!!!
But strangley we got along well.. n gradually we started sharing every thing about our lifes,, the funny things , the serious problems , gossiping …everythin ,.. n as time passed ..we became best friends… at a stage in my life i had to go through the toughest thing and leave the country .. and she was there beside me .. helpin me guiding me .. make me understand the toughest thing in da most simple way she cud … and its been 5 yrs and i come back again to the same country and its changed totally…i had to take a new start & the only person who stood by me den .. was her … she helped me through all my problems be it emotionally or financially or anythin … she was juzz there … i can say one thing about her for sure today … Shes the only one whom i can confide to without any hesitation and trust blindly….Shes a person with a very pure heart and who is honest not only to people but to herself ..Shes one of the best friend anyone could eva have, coz she will neva guide you to the wrong things… Thank You ..Miss Nadia Iqbal for being the True friend in my life .. Love you babes 🙂

(Screen) Name: ASHU



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