hye.. let me introduce myself as CL.. sorry my grammar n english not good at all.. i just need to confess.. hopefully i’ll feel much better or at least a bit…

well.. me & him got to know each other from a group vacation. he’s a nice guy n coolest guy ever.. so do his group of friends. i felt very comfortable whenever m with him. but the problem here is.. to him everybody know that he’s in a relationship.. but the reality is.. his girlfriend is died. i know e story, may be not the whole story. but at least basic info..such as when, where, how n etc.

he still pretending like nothing happen n assuming i know tht he’s in a relationship..i felt so awkward when we talking about relationship. i did asked him n he told me yes..i’m in a relationship. and that’s stop me from asking any other question. but i like him n in love with him day by day. is this love or sympathy?? no this is not sympathy..

and i just dunno what to do now.. should i just go and tell him that i know e true story?? what should i do?? i dun wanna hurt myself by word left unspoken.

(Screen) Name: CL



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