my classmate..

I had never been really in love until i was 16. I had to go back to school and had alot of new classmates..and there was one boy who really cought my eye. it was the first time i saw him and i fell in love with him just the first time i really saw his face. he was so handsome so cute but he doesnt know. there has already passed almost a year and he still doesnt know a thing nobody does. i dont even dare tellign my freinds cause they dislike him. this is probably my last year as his classmate after that i wont be seeing him ever again thinking of that makes me cry and i dont dare telling him.. i realy dont know what to do… sometimes when i sit nearby him i cant help myself but staring i cant follow class proper when i look at him. we dont talk much only to ask school stuff like a eraser so i confess here that i love him..

(Screen) Name: star



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