oh no…he read it

of all crazy things to happen…I wrote a blog about my best friend who is married, and guess what….the little ass read it! Long story short I literally had to wrestle him to try to stop him, and he still read it! He promised me his wife will never know…but it didnt solve the problem its only made it worse now…because he knows exactly how i feel! I didnt want him to know because i had really hoped to carry on as normal. But now thats hard to do. I just wish he would love me back….but thats never gonna happen, at least not in the way i want it to. He will never leave his wife…and I would be horrible to say i wish he would, because I love his wife to peices, and obviously so does he. Yet im still madly deeply head over heels in love with him and its pathetic! Its hurting my heart in a way I never thought it could, and im lost in what to do…only because the only choice is the obvious…back off and go away, it could only go badly. But i dont want to, i want to be closer…way closer…ok so i want to be how would you put it….skin on skin…what do i do!!! I cant keep going crazy!!!!!

(Screen) Name: jayded

Love changed me !!!

I have always lived a very challenging life, although i am just 24. Drama, action,suspense, romance, problems, everything you can find in a movie , you can find it in my life..So instead of facing my problems i preferred running away from them, easy way out.. i kept switching my countries to avoid the problems…Had been in a really bad relation for around 6 yrs , after which i decided & told myself “NO MORE RELATIONS”..but things don’t go as u think…i met this guy , really good looking, hot , handsome , charming , with a very pleasing and understanding attitude…we became friends..n he gradually started liking me .. i did too .. but dint make it obvious coz they were things i knew that wouldn’t work out between us .. we were from totally different cultures n countries .. Gradually i fell in love with him … and he changed me as a person .. today i do things which i was freaky scared of even without thinking twice..coz i know hes beside me .. i had neva in my previous relation of 6 yrs, felt wat i have in these 7 months…We have shared the smallest to smallest things in these 7 months .. and now the problem is i really cant let him go … coz i know i can neva find an understanding person like him to handle a short tempered girl like me ….i m crazily in love with him …n dont wanna loose him .. he loves me da same way i do .. but hes young too and got a long way to go … so i am scared if this will last for long or fade away , coz i want it to stay …….Now i believe when people say love changes u as a person , datz only if u fall in love with the right person.. i dont if he will ever read this here .. but i would like to tell u .. Ali .. i really love u, although i am not dat great at expressing it …

(Screen) Name: ASHUALI

I am the mistress by choice

hi,lets call me just B,i am 31 YO and i am mistress by choice and with knowlodge that he is already married. everybody is talikngabout the mistress like they are the devil’s wife.to be “the other one” is not so bad like it sounds,everybody is saying ;he will never be with u,he will never live his wife. guess what:i dont want that. i dont want to be the one that he wakes up in the morning beside me,or smelling his forts for the next 20 years,but i do love him.i mean i care so much for him,i care for him to not hurt his kids and her of course,we laugh and gossip about everything like the best best friends ever.we meet every 2 weeks in a diffrent state or town,we also dont live in the same citys.we talk a lot and we feel this crazy comfortabile,calm and relaxed toghether. i am saying we,becouse right now we are toghether in ny,and he told the same things., he is snoring like crazy and this is another wake up call that makes me happy i am the other one. i am not here to confess nothing,i just chosed to be a mistress,i ve always been,sometimes i think that i ll be like this all my life,i want to have a men like this for all my life. no questions,no compromises. i am geting everything i ever asked for,i would never harm that or his marriage just to have him for me. he is better there for everybody,.
i am the one who is teaching about stuff like: when u are in a bussines trip,u are the first one that calls all the time FIRST! no parfume or lotion on me,no texts or emails in the family accounts,i never call him, just by email .whenever he can we do everything we ve waited another 2 weeks! i ve always had a weekness for the taken ones, am I sick??

(Screen) Name: B

I cant understand

I went out with this boy and he dumped me. but i still like him and i want to know if he loves me still. I had this idea that if i pretended to like his best friend that his felings would show but i dont know if thats right =[ please help.

(Screen) Name: Theconfusedone

I m in love with a man who is 25 years elder to me

Hi this is Saniya. I love a guy who is married and have 2 kids and he is 25 years elder to me…I love him madly. I left everything for him and he too loves me. We are into sexual terms too. I cannot look up to anybody else. If have given a chance I can spend my 25 hours a day and 8 days a week with him. But somewhere I know I am doing injustice with his kids and wife. Moreover I don’t want to marry somebody else. And I really love him so much that I want to bear his child in my womb…

(Screen) Name: saniya

4 years younger´s love

hi everyone who happens to see this post.

This is my second love confession. Here we go…I confessed to my crush after hard thinking(around two months). I´m not sure of what to expect.
It all began when i aproached to him and tell him he´s handsome(at that time i didn´t had feelings for him. it´s something of the moment). Since then he tried to get my attention. He even asked me out, but i dind´t take it seriously because another friends began to laugh about it ( it was a very spontaneous and funny sitaution). But, it all made me notice him (more than anyone) and so I tried to avoid any contact with him(i panicked). One day he hold me from behind and I almost scaped from the place. He asked me if I hated him, which make me think about my behavoiur and feelings. So, a realised my love to him and during our meeting at work, i felt very councionus of him. He noticed. I´m 4 years older than him so, since then, I tried to felt calm and act friendly. Days later, I decided to tell him about it during a conversation we held by internet. He was shocked and asked me why, within all guys at work, I chose him, if he even didn´t respect himself? From then on he hasn´t stared or talked with me.
What does his beahavoiur mean? I  wonder….

thanks for reading.

(Screen) Name: mollly

Could you please tell me?

Dear everybody

My name is Pheak, I never fall in love with some, but when I have studied grade 12; I’m sure I love her. But she is clever than me. I do love her because she has good manner; especially, she is beautiful, friendly. Do you know? She rarely talks with someone, and counts on someone. What can I do? I always think that I am not suitable to her. Please tell me how to deal with this problems!

I would like to express my profound thanks to you for attention. I’m looking forward to hearing from everybody very soon, you can send your messages to me by vannaramao_sv [at] yahoo.com or post a response here.

Kindest regards,

(Screen) Name: maovannara

I have forgiven him but not myself

I fell in “LOVE” 2006 i had no idea what love is actually i went out with this guy and liked him he did use to say weird stuff but i thought it is ok because i “LOVED” him i got to know that he still talks to his ex girlfreind and i thought its ok because they were now “friends” … we rarely met 2 years passed we had fights, romantic moments promises but i knew that i am not on the right track,,, so well time passed by and i kind of wanted to figure out the truth… i spoke to his friend and had a shock that hee still talks to that girl and on a confrence call i heard his disgusting thinking about me and money and of course about his rich girlfriend … it was soul shattering i was broken in thousand pieces not my heart but my mind my self confidence was going down the drain in just one moment i decided that i have no sense whatsoever and decided to go on my way…he later on called and tried and tried talking to me but i REFUSED completely. Now enters this guy in my life who is a complete stranger in my life i have no idea who is he but as we were in the same class we talked often the purpose which i had in my mind was that i just want to divert my mind…gradually his way of behaviour told me that actually he is attracted towards me after 6 months of our meeting he proposed to me i dont why but i said yes i was just so glad to fnd him exactly wat i wanted we now used to talk on phone till midnight , he scolded me when i did something wrong, cried when i had tears in my eyes he says i am first love of his and that he can never forget me we are now much ahead in our life he wants me to be his wife i have met his famly they seem to adore me now he is trying to get a good job so he can talk to my family about us. NOW i have said that i had a friend whom i liked very much and he never loved me which is infact true but i feel i am betraying him i dont wanna lose him i dont wanna have him because of this lie .. somewhere i realise that i have forgiven my ex but till today and i guess never i would be able to forgive myself for betraying my parents and my love true love of my life i dont know what will happen now but i need strenght to follow all consequences… bye

(Screen) Name: sim6