When I was in third year highschool.. I had a crush on someone which turn to be my lover.. But I can’t wait just for him, he’s just playing me( that’s what comes on my mind) until I fell inlove (three times) with other guys chasing at me.. for those things i have done, He don’t want to talk to me. As of now, I enter to the scarriest part that I experienced in all of my life.. to be with someone with the same gender.. I love her. (and I know that she loves me truly0. and I love my past.. I don’t know what will happen if the time comes that there is a possibilities that my past will back..

(Screen) Name: pretly

my crush

I have a very big and serious problem. I am in high school. I have a crush on a guy who is in my choir class, but he is in grade 12 and I am in grade 9. I really like him. My friends say that I should tell him but I am afraid that if I tell him he will tell his friends or laugh at me. I am so confused and don’t know what to do!

(Screen) Name: iaminlove