married for married..?

aug. 23, 2009-jan. 23, 2010 it was the five happiest months of my life..i think..until we broke up..i just wanna share my married for 9 years now with one happened last year when i met him at my was march last year when a friend introduced him to me..he’s kinda cute and with sense of humor that’s why i got attracted to him in an instant..after we met we constantly changed text messages and that’s when i thought we were “on”..days passed and we spent our breaks together with a pack of marlboro lights gold..i was so into him that i think i’m in love again..i feel sad whenever i don’t see him or received any text message from him..i miss him everytime he was assigned to their other branch..i love him already i told myself..although i know he’s married with one kid and i am as well we still continue seeing each other..we even planned to go out and make love but it never happened..coz at the month of april i saw him with another girl! (he actually saw me too..) it broke my heart so much that i wanted to cry but i can’t coz it’s too complicated for my situation..days passed and i’m still devastated from what happened..i love him and i’m missing him..until mom’s day came and he greeted me from text..i was so happy at that time coz it’s the first time he texted me after what happened..we even bumped into each other while i’m out for lunch and asked me if i’m mad at him..of course i told him “no”..but things were not the same after that..i actually felt that “we’re just friends” at that time..2 months passed and we lost communication..until july 25 came when he called me and asked me if i can join him for lunch coz he’s sick..of course i wanted to! after that we always went together for lunch until aug.23 came and he asked me if i want us to be “on” again..of course i told him yes and that was the happiest day of my life with him..having my son and my husband and him..what more can i ask for..?(I’m selfish, you think?) i learned that he had a girl way back and she left for another place to work..its fine with me i thought..i love him and that’s all it matters..i’ve lived my life knowing that i’ll see him and be with him everyday..he even called me when he’s not at work and i’s very touching of him..we always go out on our monthsary and make first im afraid but i really felt i”m in love so in the end i gave in..its the best sex i’ve ever had in years..i don’t know how he do it but he’s the best! in fairness to him, i also feel that he loved me..i felt that he cares for me..we even fetch his daughter at his brother’s house and i even went there for his birthday..that’s why i know he loved me anyway..i even bought cake and gift for his daughter’s 2nd birthday without his wife knowing it..i loved him so much that i tried helping him finding a job for his wife! helped him on his expenses..its all fine with me..i thought our relationship isn’t gonna end until his ex came back this feb and everything fell apart..he started to change..i know its all because of her although he told me nothing..he just said that he wanted to concentrate on her wife and kid..its very fine with me coz i have nothing against his family..i just know that he’s affected when his ex came back and he actually wanted them to get back..i know so coz i even befriend his ex just to know all the truth..and we’re still friends..up to this day, 3 months had passed i’m still longing for him..i still miss him..i’m still here waiting for him to come back..i dont know why but i feel that i really still love him..i even asked him to reconcile with me but he refused..we still see each other sometime and even went out for one last time coz i asked him..that’s how much i love him..everyday i always think of him..he never slipped my mind..i even dreamt of, i feel that i lost half of myself when we broke up..he’s the only one that’s keeping me’s not that im not happy with my family but i know i will be complete with him in my life..i missed you darling..i missed you so bad, that it makes me cry whenever i think of our happy moments together..but i don’t blame you i just want you back..that’s all i want..YOU..

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