how do i know?

i really like this guy and he has been giving of a lot of signles and i don’t know if he likes me of if it’s just my imaganason but i think it may be love i’ve known this guy for almost five years now and i’m just in middle school now and a lot of girls are already on there second boyfriend and i just feel so out of place and i think that he thinks if there was a futcher for us it would just be as friends and nothing more i don’t know what to do and i must be out of my minde because i’m trusting the internet for this kind of problem i just need some help!

(Screen) Name: confused in the middel

Brokenhearted x100

so….. my boyfriend asked me out on march 12, 2010. we went to prom together on may 1st and had the most magical night of my life. less than a week later, on may 7th, he broke up with me, saying “i like someone else, and i don’t want to feel like i’m mentally cheating on you. i don’t want to say lets just be friends because then i’ll sound like a jacka** but i really do want to stay friends”. i was so completely devastated and cried for a week. all the things he gave me– birthday presents, random i’m-thinking-of-you presents, my prom corsage (which i kept, my prom dress, the little notes he wrote me, all went into a drawer that i haven’t opened since that day. it is really hard for me to get over him, because i knew i had fallen helplessly in love with him. he hasn’t really spoken to me since then, except yesterday when he gave me my first hug from him in weeks. with that one hug, my in-love meter rose again, when it had been steadily but super slowly dropping for about a week. i can’t help but to love him, his humor, his smile, his gentleness, his hugs…. its too hard to get away from the feeling. and then this morning, i clicked on his facebook profile (stupid move) and saw that he had changed his profile picture back to one that we took together on prom night. im cut out of the picture, but just the memory that i was standing next to him brought the tears back. im hoping this school summer break will help but it will also be very painful to be away from him. what do i do????

(Screen) Name: helplessly in love