out of love

i am engaged almost 3 years now,we broke up about 1 year ago i started seeing someone else who happened 2 be my fiance’s neighbour, we slept together and i was so inlove with my fiance i went back with him for almost 5 months we were goin back an forth thinking if we should be together cause he dosen’t trust meThen suddenly he said that he love me & can’t see himself without me, i told him if he cant trust me it doesn’t make sense tryinbut he insisted we give us a try up to date he has not done anything for me to want to be with him instead he’s doin the oppsite and it’s gettin worst my feelings have changed so fast its frightening, I wanted to spend my life with him but i’m not happy i’m forceing myself but it hurts i’ve made up my mind to leave him but haven’t told him yet i think it’s time to make myself happy then he tells me i have to go stay by my mom because his mom is movin home by him i find that to be the most dumdest thing i’ve ever heard. What do you think i should do

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i am soo confuse… with my lover coz i dont know if he really loves me.. hes from alabama and i am here in the philippines were too far from each other but i do fall from him and care about him.. we met in some sites here in net… then the first day he just ask me if i wanna be his girl.. so i said yes then we chatted several times that made me soo inlove with him and looking after him… then this past few days he just went online in a few minutes and go offline that make me sooo sad.. and thinking that if he really loves me then why hes kinda dont miss me at all as much as i do? but he just said hes soo busy.. sigh.. i dont know what to do… why do i love him that much? even tho we didnt see each other personally please help me

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Im in love with my best friend

i’m in love with my best friend. but heres the catch..hes bisexual and has 3 kids. he also lives with his baby mother. i fell for him a little later after we first started hangingout. he was the most sweetst, funniest, loving,caring and adorable person id ever met. But i found out hes bisexual. which mean he like guys to. its crazy because he says he in love with me too. everyone thinks that the way we feel about each other is wrong because he has a daughter by someone who i am friend of, and they live together. but i really do love this man and he loves me too. we’ve talkd about being together someday but never made plans to actually make it happen. he always tell me he could see himself marrying me and me giving him son. its really hard for me to see him dating someone else b.c of how i feel as well as for me to date anybody else . sometimes i’m so in love with you its crazy and then other times i feel like i shouldn’t feel this way about my best friend. WHAT SHOULD I DO…???

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Classic Case of Jealousy

I am dating this girl, Anna. We’re the same age. The weird part is that we’re half siblings: no blood relationship, but my dad is with her mom. Anna and I regularly have sex and just have fun together, but sometimes I think she isn’t really into me. She has a friend, her ex-boyfriend, and she spends a lot of time with him. I think that she feels comfortable with Franc, her ex, than she does with me, and even though they never went as far as Anna and I have, I think she’s more into him than me, and I know that he still loves her. I’m very in love with Anna, and I don’t think that Franc is very good for her: he has a lot of issues, like depression, and she needs someone more stable.
How should I deal with their relationship?

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I love a boy of my batch since 2 yrs.He knows about this but did not show any reaction.6 months back we used to talk for long hrs.somtimes he would get physicaly attracted to me and mentioned several times that he needs me physically.Every time i kept refusing because i don’t support pre-marital sex.Finaly he has put a condition either to accept his proposal or not to talk with him.now we r not talking anymore.i don’t know whether he love me or not.I miss not spending time with him.He is not of my religion and i don’t see my future with him.I am trying to get him out of my mind but could not.please help.

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OK so they this boy that i really like and he like me too.His name is Jaruis we are best friends we talk about everything together sex, church, us ,on how we feel about each other. We both are single. We won’t go together because we both have our plates full. lately we have not been talking that much. Now if we do talk nobody say nothing on the phone. i just don’t know no more. i really like and i still want to talk to him. what should i do? should i tell him on how i feel about all of this or not?

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Last year when me and my ex were dating he cheated on me heaps of times even with my bestfriend i was straight then my family and some of my friends dont know im bi and i dont know how to tell them either i only told some of my friends im bi and im only 14 it feels like im going crazy!!

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who to chose

well in 16 years of age and i have a bf but we are not as close as before ,i dont see him ,he dosnt call me and im lucky if u see him once if i go into the town,well ive recently met someone else he understand my situation ,im so falling for him cause i dont kno he is jus so nice ,he listens to me and interacts ,when we meet we would take walk together my feelings for him is so intense its so hard to explain ……………plz wat to do ??

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I have a chose to make

Ok so me and this guy text alot his name is Ryan and right now he is on vacation I finally told him I like him and he said he likes me back so that is good ,but my neighbor micheal is cute and my age too the problem why I can’t go out with Ryan is he is dating a girl who told him she would kill himself if he borke up with her. WHAT DO I DO?????????

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