Classic Case of Jealousy

I am dating this girl, Anna. We’re the same age. The weird part is that we’re half siblings: no blood relationship, but my dad is with her mom. Anna and I regularly have sex and just have fun together, but sometimes I think she isn’t really into me. She has a friend, her ex-boyfriend, and she spends a lot of time with him. I think that she feels comfortable with Franc, her ex, than she does with me, and even though they never went as far as Anna and I have, I think she’s more into him than me, and I know that he still loves her. I’m very in love with Anna, and I don’t think that Franc is very good for her: he has a lot of issues, like depression, and she needs someone more stable.
How should I deal with their relationship?

(Screen) Name: Jace Boss-Man



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