Im in love with my best friend

i’m in love with my best friend. but heres the catch..hes bisexual and has 3 kids. he also lives with his baby mother. i fell for him a little later after we first started hangingout. he was the most sweetst, funniest, loving,caring and adorable person id ever met. But i found out hes bisexual. which mean he like guys to. its crazy because he says he in love with me too. everyone thinks that the way we feel about each other is wrong because he has a daughter by someone who i am friend of, and they live together. but i really do love this man and he loves me too. we’ve talkd about being together someday but never made plans to actually make it happen. he always tell me he could see himself marrying me and me giving him son. its really hard for me to see him dating someone else b.c of how i feel as well as for me to date anybody else . sometimes i’m so in love with you its crazy and then other times i feel like i shouldn’t feel this way about my best friend. WHAT SHOULD I DO…???

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