My best friend and I have had threesomes, now and then, with her boyfriend. Just recently he put the moves on me and tried to kiss me knowing that I was drunk & feeling depressed. Although, that is NOT an excuse for me because I know I had full responsibility in this, it still remains a fact of my emotions and physical condition. His girlfriend was no where near us. He tried kissing me again and I just kept pushing him back and kept telling him to stop but he kept being persistent and before I knew it I was kissing him back. It did not stop there and honestly the rest was a bit blurry but I remember there was some penetration and I just remember coming to my senses and stopping him before it went any further but I felt that it was too late. I’ve been feeling so bad and I’m not sure if I should tell her what happened or not. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t tell just relieve your guiltness and that you should tell them when they question you. Well she did question me two days after but I was unable to tell her the truth at the time because she was about to go out with him and his family and most importantly I wanted to tell her in person. Today I had a chance to see her in person and us two only because she was helping me out with some personal problems. I thought we had the whole day together and before I knew it should told me she had to leave to work. Again I felt that it was not a good moment again to tell her. I feel like there is never going to be a good moment to tell her and the more time passes by I feel that I will feel less inclined to her. I am so scared to lose her friendship because I love her dearly she means everything to me. What should I do?

(Screen) Name: Sad Sally


my boyfriend is going through a rough time right now and i told him ill stick by his side. i am currently pregnant with his baby, i told him we can get through the tough times, buh he wont listen. he said he doesnt know what he wants to do. we just got back together a couple months ago after a year breakup, we was together for two years before that. i broke up with him, i dont know if this is a way to get back at me for breaking his heart or what. im so confused of the situation and i dont know how to deal with it!. should i give him time to think or just tell him to let me know now! my heart is breaking knowing that he could break up with me any second. please help me.

(Screen) Name: confusion???

How do i get over him?

Ok, so im in love with this guy who ive been on and off with since november last year, and well now we are on again, but just for the summer holidays the reasoning for that is quite complicated but i agreed to only being with him for summer and then we finish when we go back to college… did i make the right decision?
because i worry about how i will actually get over him, hes the first guy ive truly loved but hes also one of my closest friends which makes this situation even more difficult. The reason why we have always been on and off is because we try to go back to just being friends but we can never seem to do it! we’re like magnets! I miss him so much all the time and im with him now! what will i be like after its over!?
i dont know what to do, im so worried about losing him that im clinging on for dear life!

(Screen) Name: confused!!

Suffering from her past….

They say love turns u around. It did. Changed me from a cassanova to a one woman man. We were school mates,class mates, soul mates. Started dating her 2years ago. She is the ex-gf of the person i hate most. she’s been physical with him. I didnt care, i loved her with whole heart. But things changed for worst when we made love. I get horrifrc nightmares, showing them have sex since i.5years. cant think of anything else. had to start smoking for relief. i cry every night but still the pain doesnt go. we’ve not broken up, i still love her,but my behaivour is changing towards her. i’m becoming rude. i wanna say sorry to her. i wanna say shona ur the best thing that has happened to me. please forgive me.

(Screen) Name: Ryan

Is this it for me?

I love my fiance more than I can possibly say in words……. BUT over the last couple years there have been 2 people that have gotten into my impeccable devotion. So much so that I wonder if I need to be a little worried. The first one didn’t return my feelings, granted he flirted relentlessly all the time and it didn’t feel that way at the time. In a way I don’t believe him, but it was for the best, I just felt a little rebuffed and in the end I think if he returned my feelings things may have gone a different way and I don’t know that I wanted that either. But now there is someone else that I am feeling a HUGE attraction to and am scared about what that means. He returns my attraction, but obviously I am engaged and there is a barrier there. But the attraction, sexual and the like, are still there. What does that mean for my fiance and I? Why do I care more for the attention of the one I am attracted to rather than my fiance! I am sooo scared. Am I getting cold feet? Please help!!

(Screen) Name: dutches

dont like my mom or dad

i had a best friend that i known all my life, then my dad sleeps with my best friends mom then my mom finds out and im not allowed to see my best friend she sais! im outraged. my mom and dad have also split up over it but they have been arguing for ages!!!!
i SO miss my ex-best friend! she understood me SO well!!!!

(Screen) Name: sad-person


im in relationship for 5yrs plus n getting marry soon but im in love with someone really happy with him n comfortable with him.i shared everything with him but i can’t with my fiance and my parents does not approve us being together…both of them are so nice to me…what shall i do?should i run away?

(Screen) Name: hElEna