Suffering from her past….

They say love turns u around. It did. Changed me from a cassanova to a one woman man. We were school mates,class mates, soul mates. Started dating her 2years ago. She is the ex-gf of the person i hate most. she’s been physical with him. I didnt care, i loved her with whole heart. But things changed for worst when we made love. I get horrifrc nightmares, showing them have sex since i.5years. cant think of anything else. had to start smoking for relief. i cry every night but still the pain doesnt go. we’ve not broken up, i still love her,but my behaivour is changing towards her. i’m becoming rude. i wanna say sorry to her. i wanna say shona ur the best thing that has happened to me. please forgive me.

(Screen) Name: Ryan



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