R we a ment-to-be?

in fifth grade i met this boy,his name was DeAnte Fuller. I thought he looked ugly at first,but when we in the same tutoring class. When got to know him better, I start to like him. I dont know if he likes me.When he told me that he had a girlfriend at his old school I got shocked, and wondered if he still liked her.It was the end of the school year and I stiill didnt cinfess my love to him. I wonder who he is going to choose and if im ever going to see him. What should i do????!!!!!!

(Screen) Name: Emily Xia

I love my cousin!

Well here it is… I love my cousin sooo much but I can’t dare to confess to her cuz I’m a shy boy 😛
And even if I confessed it will make me problems cuz of her family and so on… I will tell it to her someday but I will never give up on her! 🙂

(Screen) Name: NoName

confused in Salem

Well heres the thing, I met this guy on line we texted/emailed/phoned for 3 weeks, we finally met in Boston, he lives in Florida. We had great sex and I was totally into him, but I messed it up by bringing another guy into the situation, I tried to apologize to sexy florida guy but it was too late, he got back with his gf, now we are texting again and he is coming back up to Boston in a week and a half and wants to see me. Do I see him and get my emotions all stirred up again and be the other woman cuz he isnt breaking up with the other girl. I am in total lust and so hot for him, what to do what to do>>

(Screen) Name: chelsea36


I am 36yrs and have a boyfreind and later on the relationship i met someone whom i think i love.Then we got involve, after a month to two the second boyfriend took me to his mother for introduction and told me in front of his mother that he wants to marry me.And now i’m confused.Do i tell the first one that someone wants to marry me?

(Screen) Name: T-jay


i am with my boyfriend and we have a son, we are so in love for sure and we havent n wnt cheat ever but i am still jelous when he talks to looks at talks about another girl. I can trust him i just get so damn jelous, how do i stop? he doesnt flirt or check out girls or anything like that im just crazy lol how do i stop being jelous?

(Screen) Name: mj1920

friends for 2 years and now its love and its a secret for now

okay so i met this guy like 2 years ago and we became best friends after some months or so i started to like him nd then fell in love with him but never told him we would hang out a lot and play around after that i would sometimes notice that he was flirting with me and i was flirting back, so next thing i know is that he moving out of the state so i wrote a letter where i confessed what i thought and felt about him and so the day that he was gonna leave i went 2 my others friends house where he was at and gave the letter with some pics in a envelope and he said thanks and hugged me after that he hugged me again and started to kiss my neck and then i kissed him on the lips and we had a little makeout session………so i was so suprised i mean i never thought that he or i would kiss him after a few days we were chatting and he said that he had always imagined how it would feel when his lips touched mines and that he loved me so we talked more about that and after all everythings going well the only thing is that were far from eachother but im sure ill see him soon anyways he did say he will come back by the way this might go all the way to the thing that i call marriage………………………………..im so happy about what we did nd about the letter that way i wouldnt stay all bummed and regreting the thing of not telling him what i felt
so i dont regret it…..so i thnk that if you truly love someone its better to tell them before its to late a

(Screen) Name: xoxo

how do i tell him?

i was always rude and mean… to this guy, but recently i was trying to give my friend advice and noticed i ended up giving myself one. i said the first person you hate ends up being the one you like later and i realized i liked him is that weird but anyway… i wanna tell him but don’t know how to any advice that could help me out?

(Screen) Name: renee

soo confused “/

i am fourteen . i was going steady with an ex of mine on & off for about a year , we kept breaking up because he wouldn’t go to school , he smoked & drank . he dumped me then and on the same day i started gs with someone else . the person i started gs with is called cathal + my ex is dillon . i love cathal but i also love dillon . me & cathal have been going steady 5 months today + i was recently talking to my ex , dillon , & he has told me that he still loves me and he was made to dump me brcause of hi best friend , keelan . dillon has really changed , he is going back to school again and doesn’t drink anymore but i don’t know if he has stopped smoking . i don’t know what to do ; stay with cathal or go back to dillon ?

(Screen) Name: elaine15


I am seventeen and have slept with twelve guys. i dont mean to sleep around, i get played very easily. i love attention and well guys show me attention when i have sex with them. i recently found a guy who knows about everything in my past and still wants to be with me. i just dont understand why im so scared to be his girlfriend. i like him alot and he likes me also so whats the problem? why cant i just let go and accept his love. he treats me like no one ever has. i mean after sex he cuddles with me. and he calls me the next day. that is a relief to me. but i still keep my distant towards him. how come? im so confused.

(Screen) Name: silly girl