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R we a ment-to-be?

in fifth grade i met this boy,his name was DeAnte Fuller. I thought he looked ugly at first,but when we in the same tutoring class. When got to know him better, I start to like him. I dont know if he likes me.When he told me that he had a girlfriend at his old school [...]

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dont know what to do??

i fancy this friend of mine but he probably doesnt fancy me back and iv not told anyone because its kind of embarrasing for me(Screen) Name: help-me

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I love my cousin!

Well here it is... I love my cousin sooo much but I can't dare to confess to her cuz I'm a shy boy :P And even if I confessed it will make me problems cuz of her family and so on... I will tell it to her someday but I will never give up on [...]

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confused in Salem

Well heres the thing, I met this guy on line we texted/emailed/phoned for 3 weeks, we finally met in Boston, he lives in Florida. We had great sex and I was totally into him, but I messed it up by bringing another guy into the situation, I tried to apologize to sexy florida guy but [...]

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I am 36yrs and have a boyfreind and later on the relationship i met someone whom i think i love.Then we got involve, after a month to two the second boyfriend took me to his mother for introduction and told me in front of his mother that he wants to marry me.And now i'm confused.Do [...]

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i am with my boyfriend and we have a son, we are so in love for sure and we havent n wnt cheat ever but i am still jelous when he talks to looks at talks about another girl. I can trust him i just get so damn jelous, how do i stop? he doesnt [...]

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friends for 2 years and now its love and its a secret for now

okay so i met this guy like 2 years ago and we became best friends after some months or so i started to like him nd then fell in love with him but never told him we would hang out a lot and play around after that i would sometimes notice that he was flirting [...]

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how do i tell him?

i was always rude and mean… to this guy, but recently i was trying to give my friend advice and noticed i ended up giving myself one. i said the first person you hate ends up being the one you like later and i realized i liked him is that weird but anyway… i wanna [...]

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soo confused “/

i am fourteen . i was going steady with an ex of mine on & off for about a year , we kept breaking up because he wouldn't go to school , he smoked & drank . he dumped me then and on the same day i started gs with someone else . the person [...]

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I am seventeen and have slept with twelve guys. i dont mean to sleep around, i get played very easily. i love attention and well guys show me attention when i have sex with them. i recently found a guy who knows about everything in my past and still wants to be with me. i [...]

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