friends for 2 years and now its love and its a secret for now

okay so i met this guy like 2 years ago and we became best friends after some months or so i started to like him nd then fell in love with him but never told him we would hang out a lot and play around after that i would sometimes notice that he was flirting with me and i was flirting back, so next thing i know is that he moving out of the state so i wrote a letter where i confessed what i thought and felt about him and so the day that he was gonna leave i went 2 my others friends house where he was at and gave the letter with some pics in a envelope and he said thanks and hugged me after that he hugged me again and started to kiss my neck and then i kissed him on the lips and we had a little makeout session………so i was so suprised i mean i never thought that he or i would kiss him after a few days we were chatting and he said that he had always imagined how it would feel when his lips touched mines and that he loved me so we talked more about that and after all everythings going well the only thing is that were far from eachother but im sure ill see him soon anyways he did say he will come back by the way this might go all the way to the thing that i call marriage……………………………… so happy about what we did nd about the letter that way i wouldnt stay all bummed and regreting the thing of not telling him what i felt
so i dont regret it… i thnk that if you truly love someone its better to tell them before its to late a

(Screen) Name: xoxo



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