soo confused “/

i am fourteen . i was going steady with an ex of mine on & off for about a year , we kept breaking up because he wouldn’t go to school , he smoked & drank . he dumped me then and on the same day i started gs with someone else . the person i started gs with is called cathal + my ex is dillon . i love cathal but i also love dillon . me & cathal have been going steady 5 months today + i was recently talking to my ex , dillon , & he has told me that he still loves me and he was made to dump me brcause of hi best friend , keelan . dillon has really changed , he is going back to school again and doesn’t drink anymore but i don’t know if he has stopped smoking . i don’t know what to do ; stay with cathal or go back to dillon ?

(Screen) Name: elaine15



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