Love Just aint in the cards for me..

I just finished my first year of college and during 2nd semester I met this guy in my class…We hit it off really well…we started off as goofy friends but during the summer we finally told each how we actually felt about one another. We spent the summer getting to really know each other and we spent time together. I believe he is the perfect guy for me..yea he has some flaws but we are so perfect for each other..and i hate to say this cause its way too early but Im falling in love with him. The only problem is that Im moving to virginia in a few days and sooo I guess when i finally met the guy of my deams..i gotta leave him…I guess it was too good to be true…but should I tell him how I really feel before I leave or should I just leave it alone?

(Screen) Name: mistyriver



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