Every time I go to talk to someone I seem to change with their personality without realising it. I get on with people because of this but it’s happened so much I don’t know who I am. People see me differently, the sweet and innocent, the random and wacky, the mature and sarcastic, I need to find the balance of my life and who I really am, please, I need advice.

(Screen) Name: Chamelion

I met this guy a year back.Neva knew he is married,we flirted!Later on i realisd he is married,but the flirtin neva stopped.We discussed it,nd carried on with the relationship.I enjoy him cos i dont have a boyfriend yet,im not even expecting him to leave his wife,i enjoy him when he is around.Am i going to be hurt or not…or its fine,cos im expecting nothing out of the relationship!!What do u think?

(Screen) Name: Tshepang


i knew this guy for almost 4years. at first, i just treated him as a good guy friend and classmate. but then days passed by and i started to fall in love with him, knowing that one of my classmates also had a crush on him. i felt jealous because they are closer than us. it really hurts seeing them together. and knowing myself, i watched them from afar and started to ignore the guy.
1year had passed, and i still have feelings for him. and he doesnt seem to care that i wasnt talking to him for the past few months.
i decided to stop my feelings and look for another guy instead. though i succeed, i can still feel the emptiness inside me whenever he’s not around. that’s the time i realized that i really love him.
graduation day came, yet we still didnt talk and he doesnt have any idea what i was experiencing that time. well maybe he had, because i had this feeling that he knows my feelings. and know what? i even did a stupid thing before. i tried to flirt with him. and i even made a pin which has our picture in it(which he found out.) NOW I REALLY REGRET ALL OF THOSE. im stupid. and my cheeks were even turning red whenever he’s around. not so obvious, am i?

when we went to college, i thought i can forget everything and start a new life with my new environment. but i learned he was also studying in the same university. and guess what? i can see him everyday. so how can i forget? everytime i see him, im remembering my feelings and got hurt again. sheesh.

honestly i dont really wish that he’ll also fall for me. its just too impossible. i know it. i just wish that this stupid feelings will disappear. loving him for 4years is definitely the most stupid thing i ever did. it hurts… specially when you know that you wont get anything after a very long time.

(Screen) Name: cucumber

in love with my ex boyfriend

i went out with ne of my friends we were good friends and then we went out and everyting was good.. all are friends said we made a cute couple and we would last along time and we did and durng spring break we broke up and he went out with some other girl but we all went to the same school so it was werid and me and him stop talkin for awhile and we started talkin again and everythin we say eachother we would look at eachother and have the thing when you know its just right and we started talkin on the phone and now im gettin married and were still good friends we talk here and there and it seems like nothin and im still in love with him but i never told him and now latey ive been having dreams about him where im married to hi and we have a family together but my boyfriend now doesnt know that im in lovewith my ex

(Screen) Name: lilmexico

Gym surprise

I have been dating this girl now for 3 months.
She works out at the gym a lot while I mostly workout at home. She wanted me to work out with her at the gym so I did.

She was all impressed with how much I could bench press and other upper body exercises.
Her bench and arm strength was pretty good I thought for a girl. She was about 40 to 50 percent as strong as me.

Then I saw her do the leg press. She put on 4 plates either side which is 360 pounds and did like 15 deep reps. Holly crap I thought. The last time I tried the leg press I was only pressing 270 for 12 to 15 reps. She wanted to know if I wanted to add more weight. I said no thats fine. I struggled to get 5 reps in and I don’t think I got as deep as her either.

She was so excited that she out did me. At first I felt a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. Since then our sex life as been very raunchie. I don’t mind her killer legs being stronger now at all. I now find it a turn on.

(Screen) Name: Male man