My First Love

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with the most carin, sweetest, lovin, outgoin, BEYOND sexy, honest, trustworthy, passionate, romantic, gentleman-type guy EVER 2yrs ago. We started off as friends, turned lovers 6mths later, & now our relationship with each other is complicated because we’re “friends” but everytime we’re around each other we’re more like “bf/gf” even if we’re both in relationships. Im still in love with him & i know for a fact that he’s still in love with me but the only thing is he’s still in school & im not. We broke up a yr ago because he claimed to have stronger feelings for his exgf but if that was so true why did he cheat on her & every other gf he had for me? He’s not the only guilty one because at the time i had a bf of 9mths & 3wks & i cheated on him 8mths out of our relationship for my ex. I know it sounds bad & wrong but have ya’ll ever had a first love that you just couldn’t get over because he was too special & you were around him ALOT? Well that’s how my ex is. He was there for me during a very hard time in my life & ever since then we’ve been close. Even though i told him i was ok with us dating other people i wasn’t because i HATED seein him walk down the hall with his gf because NO LIE it made me feel kind of jealous. Me & him been through hell & back together & i don’t want to give him up for nothing in the world. On top of him being my first love he was also my “first”. That moment was the most beautiful, passionate, fiery moment i’ve ever experienced because it wasn’t just sex or just a quickie…we made love. Most adults would say teens don’t know what love is but everyone has a different definition of love because everyone have different feelings toward people. I know he’s my first love because i NEVER felt that way towards a guy. It’s hard to describe! When i’m with him i feel like a queen, like im unstoppable, & when we’re together it feels like me & him are the only ones in the world. He leaves me speechless everytime im with him, talk to him, or just think about him. I would do anything for him because i know he would do the same for me. He has a wonderful heart & great personality to match :). I love everything about him including his flaws because that’s what makes him. We might not be together ever again or we might but it doesn’t matter because if we’re not reunited on earth i know we’ll be together again in heaven because our love is everlasting. I love you K.J.G.J (3*29*09 Gon Last 4eva]

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