Should I Confess or Not?

Ever since the start of classes began, I knew that I loved her. I wasn’t really aware before because, I liked anothe. But things suddenly changed, the more I spend time with her, the more I develop this so called “feelings” for her. I was shocked to hear that she is in a “Mutual Understanding” state with another. But I knew that we were also in that stage. Now, I’m starting to avoid her. But sometimes I feel so selfish and guilty because I’m avoiding her without her knowing it.
Please help me, I really love this girl but she loves another. I cannot just give up easily.
If I give up now, then there’s no more reason for me to happy. 🙁

give advice please.

by the way, I’m 16 and she’s 17. We’re on the same grade.

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Am i stupid

i have been invloved with married man for the past seven years. Reason for this is he make me feel safe and open because due to horrible abusive past relationships and i am afraid of meeting and allowing other men in my life. I don’t know if i love him, but everytime i try to leave and he knows that he says and do the sweetest thing to me i just change my mind and give in again. I found out that he has other women other than me and now i am pregnant for this man. I dont know what to do. i am really stressed out. I really need someone in my life cause i am alone. Have no family either friends and just dont know what to do.
Please can someone advice me on this thank you very much.

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Pure Confusion

Ok, so I have been in this non-comitted relationship with this guy for about a year now, and I really enjoy his company and I do love him alot, we tell each other this all the time. I doesnt have a real open relationship with his mom but she caught us having sex in her house about six months ago. He doesnt refer me by name when we are over there. I know that he and I not in relationship but we are seeing other people. I love him alot and just need some advice on what I should do. I open up to him alot but I just dont understand why he doesnt do the same

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Conflicted relationships

So I always get myself into sticky situations and only wonder afterwards why I did certain. Add this confession to the list. I am currently seeing someone but it hasn’t been that long only about a month so far. Anyway this guy is really into me and is constantly telling me he hopes this grows into something more and he tells me her realli likes me. The problem is I dont realli like him that much and i’m just fooling around with him because I can get action with him without having to worry about him spreading rumors. Another problem is there is another long distance guy that I am strictly freaky with. He recently got a new girlfriend but me and him are supposed to be meeting up next month for a weekend of hookin up basically. We’ve been looking foward this weekend and i’ve convinced him that it won’t be cheating on his new gf because we had this weekend planned before her. But this guy is also just another guy i can have fun with without worrying about a bad rep being made for me. On top of all that I realli miss my ex and i feel so bad for cutting him off this past summer and ive been trying to fix things between us. Oh and I forgot to mention my current “bf” I just found out he has a baby mama…and that she was an old elemntary school friend. FML i have bad relationship experiences and then people wonder why I like to stay single a lot of the time -_____-
oh and a side note im typing this with a scarf wrapped around like my neck like crazy to hide the hickies my current “bf” gave me cus my parents are gonna freak out about wasting my time and importance of school and guys are distractions. AND i had no one to tell all this too because for my own sake i dont tell anyone because they would judge me and hold it against me for future purposes. These are all undercover relationships

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Mrs Trusting

I am not sure how to tell you this, I have been married for 20yrs and I found out that my husband has been having an online affair for 10 yrs of our marriage, online sex chats, online porn addiction online dark world, see I was stupid I Trusted him, I never checked the History on the computer, I never questioned why he was up so late working on the computer he said. I never checked the K9 filter report, I never checked ALL his hidden email accounts, Now that I know I will confess that I want to tell EVERY woman in the World do NOT be Stupid Check what he is doing. I also did not understand why he ALWAYS wanted the room arranged tohave the desk where he could Watch me walk in the room, why was I always seeing the back part of the computer Never the screen. PLEASE do not be stupid I just never knew what I am writing you now.

(Screen) Name: Mrs. Trusting

some i loved

ok there this boy named marquan that i went out with and he was like the best boyfriend every but something change and then we just stop going out but i still like him and then it’s like every thing i do to get him back he don’t see that i’m trying my hardest to get him back.

i love him so much

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foolish girl

well, where do i begin? im 30 yrs old. i have 3 children, i have been married twice, my ex husband and i met when we were young and i guess i wanted to get out of my parents house, so that was the reason i married. anyways we have two children together, we divorced then i remarried my husband now, i married him because he is such a wonderful loving man and is so good with my children and i did not want to have many men in my childrens lives. i grew to love this man and respect him more than i can tell you. we have a daughter together whom is nearly 3 and we have been together for 6 yrs.. my husband is wonderful, everything you can ask for in a man, and gives me everything i ever dreamed of. heres the problem, i had a affair that went on for about one year. why did i do this?? why did i hurt him this way? i knew i never wanted to be with the man that i had the affair with, i just didnt know how to end it, i didnt want anyone to get hurt, and i didnt want to hurt anyone, though i know i end up hurting everyone. then after i broke up the affair, of course i cared for this man deeply and i was torn it was over, so what i do? go out and get drunk and end up in bed with an employee, though this didnt last but one night. wow, am i something or what? why did i do this to man i love so deeply and want to spend the rest of my life with? my husband knows about the affair but dosent know about the one night stand… how do i tell him without crushing him. i know i do not deserve his love. but i do have it, i accepted that he may leave me, and this is my fault. i just dont know why i continue to have such foolish behavior. i want to be the wife my husband deserves to have, and god knows i am trying everyday.

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sorry to my love

i m so confused beacause i m in a commited realitation with sm one from last eight years ,
and now i m in collage i meet a girl she is so good in nature n she loves me a lot and i like her idont know what should i do i can’t leave 2 any one..what should i do.i can’t tell to eachother..what should i do..??

(Screen) Name: saumay

true love

hi frends…
im a college student , and i love one of my class mate…. we are together from just a year… i love her alot i din express directly to her, but she knows that i m in love with her,… she dont know hindi.. and i dont know her language.. the conversation between us is generally in english…in which i cant able to express my full feelings…

tell me frnds what can i do… i am in true love with her…

and one more thing one of my friend is also in love with her… but she dont like him…. but still i am in insecurity…

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