in love with an older man

i am in love with an older man. much older than me. 25 yrs older than me. he is my boss. i fell for him. i am in love with him. i slept with him (i know i shouldn’t have done that, but i could not resist). i surrendered completely to him. well, when i mean i surrendered, i surrendered to him. we made love, normally, which was out of this world, but i wanted to give him more so i asked him to take me from behind, i mean in my behind. it hurt for a bit, but then it was amazing. when every bit of him was inside of me i just broke down and cried of the pure absolute surrender and pleasure. he took me and pounded me and i did my clit and i had the most exhilirating orgasm. when i felt him come out of me, i just died of pleasure. nothing nothing nothing has been so great. oh well, any way, i love him. and i belong to him, and i’m his, and he is part of my soul. and when he turned me around after he was inside of me, he looked in my eyes and told me that now i belonged to him, and i do. and i just love being totally totally owned. what else. oh yes, i know people are going to be upset with me. i know, he is married and has a family and i’m just his lover. but, i love him. i love you.

(Screen) Name: gracie



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