New Role for Me

Well, how do I start. I went to work for this new company, it was a closer to home so I took the job. My boss is way older than me, seemed like a nice enough guy, and we seemed to share a lot of similar attitudes about life, work, etc.

Well in time, I started to become like his personal assistant, like I managed his appointments and schedules, and his personal and business things. Not his secretary, me. I had to make sure he left in the evening, or he would stay at work to who knows when, I made sure he went to lunch, which pretty much meant I took him to lunch. I ordered, and mostly we shared a meal between us.

I admit, I got close, and we shared almost everything, it was like I was his wife at work. I managed his check book, and his life, as well as I could. It was a big responsibility, he is an important man and is very wealthy. I found myself in total control of his finances, he trusted me completely.

One day I recognized that there was no space between us, I mean I touched him a lot and he touched me a lot, and he hugged me and I just leaned into him. It was a getting real close. I lost all interest in my husband, I just got totally cold towards him. I found that I wanted the warmth of my boss.

One night, as I was getting him to shut down to leave and go home, he just told me he loved me, and I looked up at him and told him I loved him too. He took me and kissed me, and I nearly fell. I couldn’t hardly stand, and he had to hold me up, and I just grabbed his neck and pressed myself against him so hard my boobs hurt.

So he told me that he had decided to make me his woman. That I was his woman all day, and that I should be his woman at night as well. So he took me to the company apartment, and he did me, and I just gave in completely. When he was done, he said kind of matter of fact like, that now I belonged to him. I looked at him, like did I hear what he said, that I belonged to him, like a car or house or what. I belonged to him?

Well where am I now. I am separated, I am his full time lover (he still gets to keep his wife), I manage his life completely, I buy his underwear for God’s sake. The office, which I run now, runs pretty good, everyone knows I am his lover and all. I don’t fake it and neither does he. He is completely dependent on me for his day, the only place he takes complete control is in the sack. And the only place I loose complete control is in the sack.

After he makes love to me, he looks at me and I know he owns me. It is weird, his look, it is absolute possession of what he owns. There is no doubt that I am his woman, he just happens to have two women. His wife and I get along ok, although we never talk about what everyone knows. He really has two wives, one who is in the society and me, who looks after him. The one time the subject kind of came up, she told me to look after him, and not to stray. That’s all.

(Screen) Name: The other wife



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