Impossible love

Im 15 years old and i have a total crush for my 26 year old teacher ive known him for 4 years. He is the perfect guy sweet, cute, smart, and out going and the best part its that he knows me well. I text with him all day and he knows i like him. When i talk about it with him he says that i should stop (you can get me in alot of trouble).I tell him that 11 years its nothing and smiles but never admits he likes me.. I spend my study hall with him and i flurt with 24/7. On fridays before the weekend i give him a kiss in the cheeck and i hug and tell him how much i love him. He is very sweet and takes me chocolates once in a while. Im really sick and have not been in school he calls me before he goes to sleep to check on me.. I really dont know what to do should i stop and just get away or should i just live with it till the end? what about in the end he finds a girlfriend and marries her?

(Screen) Name: chikis



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