love of another

Well let’s see. I’m married for 12 years, we have 2 unbeivable kids together, but we are different. I’m very socially active, like to go out, dance, belong to golf club, play poker, etc…my wife, nada, very home body. Our spark or love like is pretty much gone, we have sex maybe once a month or every other month, and when we do, it’s not very passionate. So i met another lady, 8 years older, she’s divorced, has two kids, super sexy and we have sooooo much incommon. We been intimate 3 times, the first time was pretty much drunk sex, but lasted 3 hours and gave her 5 orgasms, was extremely hot. The other two times were even more hot and passionate. We text each other saying we miss each other and can’t stop thinking of each other, you know things that you do when you first feel you’re falling in love. So my wife found out and she is willing to work it out, but i’m afraid that if we do work it out this cycle could happen again down the road to my wife, and i don’t want to do that to her. I also haven’t talked to the other lady for two weeks and it is killing me to not communicate with her or see her. Our kissing is so intense and passionate, but i tried kissing and making love to my wife the other day, we ended up not making love, but the kissing, on a scale of 1 to 10, my other lover is a 9, with my wife, it was a 3. Any suggestions on what to do? The other lady says she wants all of me or none, i really want all of her too and know that we would be happy, but my kids, divorce, Sounds selfish and i know that it is, but not sure if I’ll be happy the rest of my life with my wife. Who is a great mom and lady, but haven’t been happy for about 4 or 5 years, both emotionally and physically. Someone help. thanks,

(Screen) Name: phat dukats

Friend? Or loved one?

So I’ve been at this school for about two years. I met my best friend there, we are just the bestest friends ever! We do everything together; go to the park, sleepovers, math tests etc. But recently I’ve been having feelings for my friends older sibling. I don’t know whether that’s right or wrong, but I know that if my friend finds out, our friendship is OVER. This isn’t just some crush, I truley love him. He’s not the most handsome guy in the world but i love him for who he is, not what he looks like. I know where to find him at lunch. I make an excuse to go there just so I can see him. We talk, have a laugh, stuff like that. But he has NO idea about the pain behind my smile. Every day I think about him, knowing that I can never tell anyone. He doesn’t know that I love him, but I just want to tell him and get it over with, but I’m afraid of how he’ll react. You know, it would be great if he loved me too, but even if he’s not interested in my like that, I still don’t want to lose him as a friend. Also I’m under a lot of pressure. Two guys recently asked me out and I told them that I loved someone else, and hey never leave me alone now. I walk in to the room and straight away they’re asking me “Who is he?Tell me, tell me, tell me!” I don’t know what to do. PLESE HELP!!!

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I have a relationship with this guy who is married in short Im a mistress for first 3 months our relationship is okey but as time goes by i dont think its okey this coming feb 25 is our first year anniversary and now i think im just his option…hes working and hes so busy that why were not communicate everyday what should i do?help me…thanks…

(Screen) Name: lady love mistress

it was over before it begun

soon as looked at you i wasnt really sure of what to do. and yet i still gave you a chance. we texted back and forth it seemed on fo sho untill this path of uncertainty took hold. I respected everything you said i walked behind and you led i thought that this was destiny. destiny was found but maybe just for the rebound cause your no where to be found. in a way its great because there was the “light” wide open for me. to see you for what you really are i cant live with my heart ajar. but i still want to be a friend. eventually that would be good for me cause you still linger…….deleted your number out of the phone..its clear your already gone. but i still take a look once in a while at the phone. yes i cant say that im bitter cause it was not long enough for the regret. my mind goes over the date slowing down time. I had fun and i thought you did too….that is what i felt that was expressed to me..but that was bullcrap a string for me to hang on…no no no i am smarter than that i wont be the one to have a attack for the sweats no my dear not as of yet. i dont need fill my my with lies and lines to break me down at the drop of glass i am not see through of what you have been used too…frezze

(Screen) Name: beautyinsideoutside

Never Let go

I love my man Sbusiso Mthembu and now we are having problems due to my stupidity we started dating last year october and things were increadable fantastic between us we have a lot in common we even share a star sign i so much love this guy i cant see myself leaving without him

(Screen) Name: Broken heart

Hot fling

I had a fling with a guy at work several years ago.
When he and I were together it was magical.
Although, I can assure you it was more than sexual.
We both had feelings for each other.
However due to myself being married, and he had to move back to his home town, we lost touch with each other.
Although it has been several years I cannot get him out of my mind. I think of him often. The only thing that prevents me from attempting to contact him is the fear I may interupt any type of life he may have started for himself now.
What should I do?

(Screen) Name: lost love

guide me

Our story started back in 2008 on 10th November before IITF (INDIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR ) …after few words over the call, i went and met the guy who was to interview me…:)…dark Indian average man…took me up for new definitions of few lil words (not to be disclosed, words were cheap and funny, may be he was analyzing something..) we worked at trade fair fir 14 days….well after a week or so, we fell in sex…Imagine the taboo in india and we fell for it within a week…things were always mysterious from his end..his instructions were not to call him when he is with his parents…his cell was off in night..
1st instance-when i rcvd a msg from his end for wishng happy new year…at the end of the msg anu and rahul was written( yes his name was rahul) ..i was stumbed and he said he was kidding….huh..then felt lil ok….mind it, i started liking or luving him a lot…he meant a lot…
he was into black magic or relegious stuff and asked me to do sex with other guy so that i attain stability with rahul as my destiny showed sex with 2 more guys and he didn’t want to loose me and he wanted me to get rid of 2 guys by doin sex with any new two guys…
he wanted me to do with him n his acquaintance…once he was out of town and i did with one of my friend and i told him and he left me(according to him i cheated him in spite of it, it was me only who told him that i did sex but he left me)
i called him manyatimes but he never received my calls and never responded to my messages too.
alas i stayed without him for few months then after few months he called me and asked me to meet up. again i went and met rahul and he made love with me again …. and so our relation resumed(as i told earlier i had more likeness towards him so i resumed it)….
things went ok and good….we met only once in month(don’t know why) cause he always had his work or trips to attend…
we met and we did sex….again and again it happened..
i once tried teasting him and sent him request from orkut as unknown girl nad he responded and talked sexual…and on later approaching him, he said it was his friend talking through his i.d…..i forgived….things passed…by now his cell were on in night and we used to talk over the phone at night…
now in 2010 1st January we met….we did sex…on our way back to our respective home..his cell beeped up with text message..on reading i discovered it was from a girl who claimed that “um living on god mercy and u don’t do justice to me”…..on asking he said stupid story…i called that number but got the number was off….i doubted that he was married….i called his father but his father said let me talk to rahul and ask which girl is calling his father for rahul’s marital status….i asked Rahul and he said that it was his wife and he is married and he is fighting for divorce(anu was the name…the same name which appeared in new year’s msg)… world ceased to an end…i felt so cheated and i felt as if god played a game on me…
he said he was fighting for divorce and he would marry me by october 2010…i fell for him again believing that he’ll divorce her soon….time passed and i coped up by being his mistress…my college ended and he asked me to fill in for mba as he’ll help in mba…i did so…i joined a call centre and he started torturing me emotionally physically nad mentally….he abused me verbally, physically…still i stood with him thought that he was insecure and then i left the job…..
.if u noticed then u might realize that october went by and he didn’t divorce her….and i also called anu in august and it came as a shock to her that his husband said that they’ll divorce as they have a son and they are happy….so this again calls for break up but as i being the dumbest girl ever being in love, i fell in his lies again…..
now came 2010 trade fair(where all our story started) and i was with him …now with diffrent parameters…as being a being a house breaker so now rahul was into working stuff in trade fair…now even i had to do work and which meant less of our talking,catching up,or intimacy….
so finally trade fair also ended and now i joined his company…
but now things have changed more…now he talks to his wife when she calls(only fights) but i do undergo the pain…..he takes me for granted…he doesn’t owe any explanation anymore…hurts me all the time…i cry and he don’t care…he says sorry and i love u all the time or pls understand…..
why i have to understand all the time, i never knew he was married….anyways now things have changed for worse..
i again called his wife and fought with her….and now she said that they did sex last week…after this um broken…just don’t know what to do…..i believe i have died now…..can’t take it any longer and now i believe i’ll go from their life…
why god did this to me…now i’ll never trust god…he cheated me…and i now just have been a mere mistress…secret mistress

(Screen) Name: unknown

who do you <3 ?

There are many different kinds of love. There’s love at first sight when you just know hes the one just by a glance there’s also the cupids aro where you just cant help your self but to just lose control when your with them, there’s also diatic partner- ship love which is the most honest level that you can get to. Last and the most painful the unrecruited love it’s like they know who you are and leave you clues thinking that they love you but then just to find out he has a girlfriend and was just using you for a $1.25 to buy a drink out of the alacart lunch line. And you can’t say no cause you fell like if you say no he will hate you and all you want to do is make him happy so he will reconsider going out with you even when you know he’s out of your league. Hi my name is i cant tell you but i go to DMMS and i am the love expert just in case your wondering… It started out with a guy named kris. His eyes were beautiful and i was new at school so i didnt have a clue who anyone was and at first he was kinda a jerk until i knew him then i fell in love. But honestely no one knows what love really is. Some think its about money,kissing,and alot of people just think its about sex. Well i just went by personality i mean call me old fashion but thats how i am non like other tweens who just go buy if the guy is a good kisser or if hes so desprate that he will go out with you anyway back to the story… so right when i thought he was the one he didnt talk to me and then he just started to date the cutest girl in school but personaly i dont think shes that pretty but then he changed and then just using me and my friends for money and now he doesnt talk to me

(Screen) Name: hebr0kema<3

my husband and i

I’m married now but not yet married, I’m pregnant, but we pinaglayo parents, before I left we promised each other that we matitiwala each other, promised my wife she waits to return to them, and I also promised that she will not take me back a year. I left a widow with me magtetext we discussed her week, and she says she will wait for my text, but she did not you reply to my text. said the nephew said she damaged her cellphone, I do not know if paniniwalan I continue or not, as far as where they might not me, I also admitted ago I left her without her pregnancy the child to me, but she accepted padin me and said she particularly napapamahal syang me, all of it true or not, please pyuhan nyo po me what to do. I still must look forward and back to him. if not she makes way for us magkaron comunication?

(Screen) Name: mhyrey