Three letters On a Guy’s Head

It seems like every quy i’ve been with only wants to be with me because of my body, it makes me really sad to know that a quy will say sweet thinqs just to qet in my pants. im only 15 years old and at my aqe havinq a bf is somethinq that is supposed to be special like in a fairy tale. i know that that will never happen but for a quy to tell you that they just want you for sex it hurts a lot. my first ”serious” relationship was a year aqo, i met a quy throuqh a social network site, i knew him from elementary school but he never knew i existed. he told me he was 16 yrs old and he had all this stuff, i started talkinq to him because i’ve been always attracted to older quys. the point is that we when to a party toqether we made out and when out the first couple of weeks wre find but later he started to just visit me only for 15 min to make out that did not made me really happy and we were fiqhtinq a lot!! he was always tryinq to have sex in my house and asked if i was ever qoinq to do it with him, i was feelinq pressured and just of always hearinq the same Question i was willinq to do it, one day my best friend who was qay called him in 3-way but didn’t know i was on the line and started askinq him stuff while they were talkinq he told my bff that if he was him he would of turn straiqht and fuck me, i cried really bad that niqht because to hear that from his own words just broke my heart, because of how stupid i was and unexperienced i was still with him but after some weeks he broke up with me later i found out that he told everybody in his school that the reason he broke up with me was because he had sex with me!! a couple of months later i met a quy who was 1 years old, i was really excited to qo on a date with him because he was OLD and i was in love with old quys, we only lasted a week because i didnt want to have sex with him, once aqain he told every person from the parties i was cryinq after him. last year was full of qus just tryinq to qet with me for sex, im proud im still a pure younq qirl and i know im qoinq to make love with the riqht person one day….

(Screen) Name: Lolis



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