I am also a Mistress by Lifestyle Choice

I’m 47, have been married twice, and have had 3 long term affairs with married men, 1 of whom I loved deeply and I doubt I’ll ever have that perfect fit again. i have just started an affair with an old work colleague. I only have deep respect for his wife, and never would you hear anything nasty coming from me about her. I am not looking to live with a man again, I don’t want to be in a day to day relationship. We only see the best of each other. I like him, He makes me laugh and He’s a generous lover. While this sort of relationship is full filling in a lot of ways, there are obvious pitfalls….. as the mistress, you have no freedom in the relationship, you have no power, nor control. You have to move within his timeframes. I wouldn’t recommend any woman take this on unless they are confident in themselves, independant and casual in their approach to disappointment. I believe there are parallels in life, roles for everyone. I will always be the mistress and I’m happy with that.

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