Selfish love

Hello… I’m 15 years old, I meet this person which I’m currently in love with about 3 years a half now. We become close to each others, everytime one of us have a problem we’ll talk about it and give advice, but how can I if theproblem I’m having right now is because of him. I tried confessing to him but everytime I do he already have a girlfriend what’s more they’re my friends, then just last year he told me that he finally find the person that he’ll truly love and it turned out to be my very close friend. I smiled and said to him good luck. Then he asked me to help him, I couldn’t refuse. So I did and everytime I helped them and see them being happy my chest always hurts so much like it’s going to burst, but seeing him smiling and being happy is enough for me. Right now we’re not talking to each other and everytime he sees me I’ll ignore me, which it hurts so much I didn’t confesses to him because I’m afraid tht the only thing we have is our friendship and the only way that I could stay by his side is now gone. After she told him that they’ll break up if he still hang around with me…
It would be ok if he said that he hate me directly but ignoring me like I don’t exist is much more painful… I just don’t know what to do anymore…
please,,,, someone :;(

(Screen) Name: lonelyheart187



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