Wishing to be loved

I’m a 21 year old female and I’m searching for love. I am what you can say a “hopeless romantic”. I search and search for love but always come up short. For the last year and a half, I have dated a few men. Only one which was serious for me. I fell in love and for ten months, i was basically used for sex and entertainment. He made me promises that we were going to eventually make it offical, but that day never came. I never met his family. He had me over his house one day and when his sister got home, he told me to go in the other room. My feelings were definitely hurt. After some time, I ended our so-called relationship. However, I was still in love with him. I kept up with him on facebook although we weren’t friends on there. Within three weeks of us not talking, I saw that he was in a relationship and I was devastated. He even introduced her to his parents. From then on I have had a hard time trusting alot of people. And wasn’t all because of him, but also other issues that was going on in my life. But he definitely added to it.
A few months ago, I started to date this new guy. Well he wasn’t exactly new. I’ve known him personally since I was sixteen. We always had this thing for each ever since I began working with him. But of course because we worked with each other, it was harder for us to try to see if our friendship could go to the next level. After I quit my job (almost 3yrs later), he asked me out and I accepted. However, things did not quite work out that way. But earlier this year he asked me out again and again I accepted. We went out for a whole month but because of his work schedule and the fact that he has had a troubled relationship with his last girlfriend, it didn’t work out. I told him we could be friends, but in the back of mind I truly wanted it to be more. For three months I thought about him constantly. I even dated someone new, but I couldn’t form a relationship because I was always thinking about him. He hit me up on facebook a couple weeks before my 21st birthday and told me he could not thinking about me. Last weekend I met him up at a bar and got so sick to my stomach because he made so nervous. We had a wonderful night that I still can’t stop thinking about. Everyday I wake up thinking about him. Every night I go to sleep thinking about him. When he calls, I can’t help but smile. I think I’m falling for him and I’m scared because I really want it to work out. I’ve had bad luck with men in the last one and half years and I want this relationship to be different because I truly care about him. I don’t know what to do.

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