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actually i have a great felling for a woman who has marrieged.i have mate phisically afection with her.but still i am loving her so much as i cant tell you.fortunatly there is one more thing that she is my very close relatives. i am loving her but i cant bless to get her but although [...]

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Forever love

I met a guy online and after a few chat sessions started liking him a lot. To my pleasant surprise,the feeling turned out to be mutual. We even had cyber sex a couple of times. One day he said that we should meet each other in person. I obliged and a week later we met [...]

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I want to save my marriage!

I met my wife online. We started talking online, on phone and eventually we met in person and at the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew she's my destiny. I felt so comfortable being with her, and I knew that my life without her would be impossible. I purposed and she said [...]

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Hopelessly Devoted

I am a lucky girl. I'm 30 years old and I have been with a wonderful guy since I was 16. We love each other but never married because I'm afraid my life will become too settled. When we were having issues, I took a liking to someone else. The energy was there, and the [...]

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