actually i have a great felling for a woman who has marrieged.i have mate phisically afection with her.but still i am loving her so much as i cant tell you.fortunatly there is one more thing that she is my very close relatives. i am loving her but i cant bless to get her but although i cant live without her.

(Screen) Name: uttam

Forever love

I met a guy online and after a few chat sessions started liking him a lot. To my pleasant surprise,the feeling turned out to be mutual. We even had cyber sex a couple of times. One day he said that we should meet each other in person. I obliged and a week later we met up in a coffee shop of a hotel. We gelled pretty well in person and he propopsed for marriage. I was taken aback but eventually after a few days said yes. Our families met and with their blessings we decided to get married the next month. A fortnight before marriage we gave into our emotions and had a passionate pre-nuptual sex. My hymen broke and though it was a little painful,it was amazing! But in the heat of the moment he forgot to wear a condom and we had intercourse. The next week,he met with an accident and went in to coma. Obviously the marriage got cancelled. Two months later I found out that I was pregnant with his child. I want to give birth to our love-child but our parents think that this child is from someone else. They have adviced me to go for an abortion or they shall end all sort of ties and economical support. I am devastated. I have only loved one man throughout my life and today people do not even want to acknowledge it! They want me to kill our child. Please tell me what to do!

(Screen) Name: Forever love

I want to save my marriage!

I met my wife online. We started talking online, on phone and eventually we met in person and at the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew she’s my destiny. I felt so comfortable being with her, and I knew that my life without her would be impossible. I purposed and she said yes and we got married. She made me feel ‘complete.’ Although, it was a bumpy road and sometimes she would vent her frustrations on me, I enjoyed this married life and vowed to never let her down or break her heart.

Two months into our marriage, she cheated on me. Whatever her reasons were, she couldn’t keep her promise and her vows.

I couldn’t handle it, and the image of someone else’s hands touching her, someone else’s lips, skin… started to haunt me in every waking moment.

She couldn’t explain it to me. To her, it just happened. She didn’t say much or even cry. And I was left to cope with my grief.

My first impulse was to have this marriage annulled or divorce her and forget about her. After all, what kind of woman would have an affair two months into a marriage?

However, I know she is truly remorseful and is willing to do anything to save our marriage. I am also 100% certain that she loves me with all her heart now. And even though I’m not sure of my feelings for her or my feelings in general right now, I really do love her.

(Screen) Name: Nostalgik

Hopelessly Devoted

I am a lucky girl. I’m 30 years old and I have been with a wonderful guy since I was 16. We love each other but never married because I’m afraid my life will become too settled. When we were having issues, I took a liking to someone else. The energy was there, and the chemistry was through the roof, but he was never quite into me. I developed feelings for him and decided to be his friend. I was praying that he would realize I was the one for him. I have listened to all of his family drama, relationship drama with other women, and was the best support system in the world. I even bought him gifts just to show him how much I cared about him. When he decided to date one of our co-workers instead I was crushed. I was overjoyed when they didn’t work out in hopes he would give me a chance. It never happened, and I am having the hardest time getting over that rejection and feeling like the biggest idiot in the universe. Since then I have worked out the issues I had with my boyfriend, and cut the other guy (the ex co-worker) out of my life completely. My boyfriend and I are doing fantastic. We are talking marriage after 13 years, but I still wished the other guy was in my life, and wanted me as much as I still want him. In my heart I know I did the right thing, but there is still an ache that just won’t seem to heal!

(Screen) Name: Heartbroken Evermic