Forever love

I met a guy online and after a few chat sessions started liking him a lot. To my pleasant surprise,the feeling turned out to be mutual. We even had cyber sex a couple of times. One day he said that we should meet each other in person. I obliged and a week later we met up in a coffee shop of a hotel. We gelled pretty well in person and he propopsed for marriage. I was taken aback but eventually after a few days said yes. Our families met and with their blessings we decided to get married the next month. A fortnight before marriage we gave into our emotions and had a passionate pre-nuptual sex. My hymen broke and though it was a little painful,it was amazing! But in the heat of the moment he forgot to wear a condom and we had intercourse. The next week,he met with an accident and went in to coma. Obviously the marriage got cancelled. Two months later I found out that I was pregnant with his child. I want to give birth to our love-child but our parents think that this child is from someone else. They have adviced me to go for an abortion or they shall end all sort of ties and economical support. I am devastated. I have only loved one man throughout my life and today people do not even want to acknowledge it! They want me to kill our child. Please tell me what to do!

(Screen) Name: Forever love



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