I want to save my marriage!

I met my wife online. We started talking online, on phone and eventually we met in person and at the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew she’s my destiny. I felt so comfortable being with her, and I knew that my life without her would be impossible. I purposed and she said yes and we got married. She made me feel ‘complete.’ Although, it was a bumpy road and sometimes she would vent her frustrations on me, I enjoyed this married life and vowed to never let her down or break her heart.

Two months into our marriage, she cheated on me. Whatever her reasons were, she couldn’t keep her promise and her vows.

I couldn’t handle it, and the image of someone else’s hands touching her, someone else’s lips, skin… started to haunt me in every waking moment.

She couldn’t explain it to me. To her, it just happened. She didn’t say much or even cry. And I was left to cope with my grief.

My first impulse was to have this marriage annulled or divorce her and forget about her. After all, what kind of woman would have an affair two months into a marriage?

However, I know she is truly remorseful and is willing to do anything to save our marriage. I am also 100% certain that she loves me with all her heart now. And even though I’m not sure of my feelings for her or my feelings in general right now, I really do love her.

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