Living a Lie

I am a young girl. I’m almost 16, and have always had a heart after God. No matter what I’ve done I will NOT have sex before marriage, but I’ve already ruined so many of the things that are supposed to wait until marriage. That make it so much more special. I’ve ruined it terribly. I’m saved and therefor any little wrong doing rips me from the inside out… Well. I recently just got introduced to hormones with my new boyfriend. We love being in eachother’s arms,however our relationship started with sexual things. I regret that so very much. When I’m with him I just want to be loved, but then he will get me all hot and bothered forcefully and then I’m begging for a touch. I say no no no. But eventually I give in. He touches, fingers, ect. I go home and talk to my VERY Christian grandmother about who knows what. I’ve had to lie to her about what I’ve done. I repent but then somehow manage to do it again. I want a boyfriend that doesn’t find a way to make sure I’m horny and will just be sweet instead. I want a CHRISTIAN man by my side most definitley. My parents and everyone I’ve talked to have said that it’s possible that I could wind up with whoever I’m dating for the rest of my life. So I need to choose well. I talk of God all the time to my boyfriend. He claims he’s saved, but I know in my heart he isn’t and he does too. God says with an anology in the Bible to get rid of whatever causes you to sin and brings you farther from Him… I do love my boyfriend. Not ‘STARY CROSSED IN LOVE’, but I do need him in some way. And if I leave him he will go into a deep depression and I’ll hurt him so bad. Anddd I won’t be able to have him in my life period. Further more his parents LOVE me and l love them. They want me with their son permanently… I don’t what to do. I’m tired of sinning and lying. I keep failing when I go and see him. What should I do?

(Screen) Name: Confused little one


I am a teenager. Just another guy in this huge wide world. I have a girlfriend whom I love a lot. And she loves me back. But today, something happened that I fear, has diminished her love for me. I used to text her early every morning wishing her a good day. But since the past few days, it was her who had to text me first in order for me to reply. So today, I was waiting for her to hit on me. But, instead, I got the shock of my life when she texted me saying that she is really hurt as I did not text her early since the last couple of days. Now she is really very depressed, and although she says she has forgiven me, I can feel that she is very hurt by this fact. And I also can feel that she has changed a lot. She doesn’t reply when I say I love her and neither does she seem so cheerful as she earlier used to be. I am feeling very guilty that I am responsible for her state. Only if I could get back the same old her who I loved for whatever she is.

(Screen) Name: A Basumatary

need help

from one year i have a boyfriend.we both love each other a lot.but at the end of this month i realized that i deserve someone who is rich than me,who have a expensive car,house.but when i think about break up with him i just feel very bad and also like i am cheating with future both of us are going to do job and with the salary we can lead a good life but not the best one that i have been expecting from my childhood.i have another problem is that in my family i have three sister including me.i am the youngest other two sisters are married .i lost my father on i am 24 and my boyfriend is 27.both of our family meet with each other and they decided to do our marriage on 2014.and my mother and sisters don’t have any intention to find out appropriate man for me.they just like to give me marry with a person who is rich and well established whatever the person is divorce or shorter than me.they just only care about the financial side.but i want someone who is well educated good looking,and what can i do.when i think about the break up i think that at the age of 24 if i break up with him i cant start a new relation another thing is that my family don’t have any headache for me.sooo what should i do.

(Screen) Name: marie

Ooops… I totally forgot!

I had been in a relationship for about a year and 8 months and… it had been going really slowly. We didn’t see each other much, and it began to feel more like a distant friendship. Later that year, I took a trip to Spain with some colleagues by coach. we broke down in France, and had to stay for several weeks, and there I was “wooed” by this amazing guy, who eventually asked me out, and I said yes, forgetting I was in a relationship back in England! I only dated the guy for a week after finding out he had cheated on me. I was glad the relationship didn’t get serious or intimate. I came back home realising my man was waiting for me… I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t need to say anything. He explained that we were growing apart and broke up with me then and there. I was gutted but… i deserved it. I havn’t been Spain since!

(Screen) Name: Molly

~My dying heart~

When I was young I asked my great grandmother what it was like falling in love? She told me it was like putting your arms out and spinning round and round really fast. After that I couldn’t wait to fall in love.

I met a boy years later in my computer class. I caught him staring at me a couple of times and I immediately fell in love with him. He was everything my great grandmother told me, when I got home I was spinning and my stomach had butterflies. I called my great grandmother and told her about my feelings.

My friend in my form tutor was planning her sweet sixteen, I asked if I could do her hair and makeup because I want to be a beautician when im old enough. She said yes and we were very excited. I wanted to impress the boy I loved so much so I got a white dress with crystals on it, fabulous accessories, sparkling makeup, curly hair and my great grandmother gave me her real crystal necklace in a shape of a heart. It was beautiful. I was so excited.

I will never forget the time my friend told me that she was asked out as her date to her sweet sixteen… by the boy I was in love with!
I was crushed.

I remember when I got home I chucked my school bag on my bed and started crying my eyes out and screaming into a pillow. I buried myself under my duvet all alone thinking about him and my best friend. It was killing me. My stomach kicked me which made the pain worse.

The next day in form she just talked about him the whole time, then she mentioned them talking in English class. And he asked her out to prom IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY!

It was a nightmare! I got home; changed into my grey tracksuit bottoms, white Nike shoes, white top and leather jacket. Then I stormed out of the house and ran off somewhere far away, found a McDonalds and went over to the lake and stayed there for hours. I came home and went to sleep.

I called my great grandmother and told her everything but she told me, “Give it some time and things will work out, if you love him and he loves you, God will find a way to bring you together.”

She’s old but very wise, I trust her, especially when she has lived a full life. She’s very powerful as well, she just the most amazing woman in the world.

Soon things just got worse. All my mate does now is talk about the boy, I hate hearing his name over and over. It just brings back my old feelings and makes my heart ache and my stomach kicking itself.

Soon my great grandmother got very ill and now she’s not doing very well. I’m worried for her; I can’t even visit her in Syria this summer because of the war. I wanted to see her and take care of her.

My whole life’s turning around now and not in a good way. I don’t know what to do now. My great grandmother might be dying and my friend is going out with the boy I love more than life itself. And i regret everyday single day and i cant believe my goddamn bad luck he now loves my best friend. What should I do now?

(Screen) Name: ayoosh (aya) sofia

i am in love but…

3 years ago a girl who was my university senior had crush on me she sent me an offer through one of my friends.But i refused that offer because i did politics that time but in my mind i had a soft corner for her. That time i thought about my self that i am not fit for her and another boy also loved her so i stacked stone on my heart and refused but after that suddenly i deeply started to miss her but can’t tell her now because i don’t know where she is or whether she still loves me or not but i have a serious mental problem that now a days i am in deep love with her and missing her every time.I think if i express my love now then she may come to me but the problem is someone else loves her too so if she stays happy with her then i want to get my self back from her because i want always her to be happy.

(Screen) Name: premik

infidelity with a friends wife

OMG! I cannot believe this is happening. I am married and we have a couple also married that we spen a lot of time with. Recently and out of the blue I have found out that my bubbies wife has been very attracted to me for a long time. There were mild flirtations, and one night I told her that she was driving me wild!!!!! She said that she has been feeling the same way for a very long time. The sexual tension is almost unbearable. We hugged and she turned away but pressed against me first. I could not hept to hide my very prevalent excitement. She pushed very hard against me. I then while holding her ran my hands over her breasts and between her legs. When I touched her between her legs she nearly melted to the floor. that’s it so far. What should we do????OMG

(Screen) Name: dutchmann