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Living a Lie

I am a young girl. I'm almost 16, and have always had a heart after God. No matter what I've done I will NOT have sex before marriage, but I've already ruined so many of the things that are supposed to wait until marriage. That make it so much more special. I've ruined it terribly. [...]

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I am a teenager. Just another guy in this huge wide world. I have a girlfriend whom I love a lot. And she loves me back. But today, something happened that I fear, has diminished her love for me. I used to text her early every morning wishing her a good day. But since the [...]

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need help

from one year i have a boyfriend.we both love each other a lot.but at the end of this month i realized that i deserve someone who is rich than me,who have a expensive car,house.but when i think about break up with him i just feel very bad and also like i am cheating with [...]

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Ooops… I totally forgot!

I had been in a relationship for about a year and 8 months and... it had been going really slowly. We didn't see each other much, and it began to feel more like a distant friendship. Later that year, I took a trip to Spain with some colleagues by coach. we broke down in France, [...]

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~My dying heart~

When I was young I asked my great grandmother what it was like falling in love? She told me it was like putting your arms out and spinning round and round really fast. After that I couldn’t wait to fall in love. I met a boy years later in my computer class. I caught him [...]

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i am in love but…

3 years ago a girl who was my university senior had crush on me she sent me an offer through one of my friends.But i refused that offer because i did politics that time but in my mind i had a soft corner for her. That time i thought about my self that i am [...]

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infidelity with a friends wife

OMG! I cannot believe this is happening. I am married and we have a couple also married that we spen a lot of time with. Recently and out of the blue I have found out that my bubbies wife has been very attracted to me for a long time. There were mild flirtations, and one [...]

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