I am a teenager. Just another guy in this huge wide world. I have a girlfriend whom I love a lot. And she loves me back. But today, something happened that I fear, has diminished her love for me. I used to text her early every morning wishing her a good day. But since the past few days, it was her who had to text me first in order for me to reply. So today, I was waiting for her to hit on me. But, instead, I got the shock of my life when she texted me saying that she is really hurt as I did not text her early since the last couple of days. Now she is really very depressed, and although she says she has forgiven me, I can feel that she is very hurt by this fact. And I also can feel that she has changed a lot. She doesn’t reply when I say I love her and neither does she seem so cheerful as she earlier used to be. I am feeling very guilty that I am responsible for her state. Only if I could get back the same old her who I loved for whatever she is.

(Screen) Name: A Basumatary



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