need help

from one year i have a boyfriend.we both love each other a lot.but at the end of this month i realized that i deserve someone who is rich than me,who have a expensive car,house.but when i think about break up with him i just feel very bad and also like i am cheating with future both of us are going to do job and with the salary we can lead a good life but not the best one that i have been expecting from my childhood.i have another problem is that in my family i have three sister including me.i am the youngest other two sisters are married .i lost my father on i am 24 and my boyfriend is 27.both of our family meet with each other and they decided to do our marriage on 2014.and my mother and sisters don’t have any intention to find out appropriate man for me.they just like to give me marry with a person who is rich and well established whatever the person is divorce or shorter than me.they just only care about the financial side.but i want someone who is well educated good looking,and what can i do.when i think about the break up i think that at the age of 24 if i break up with him i cant start a new relation another thing is that my family don’t have any headache for me.sooo what should i do.

(Screen) Name: marie



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