I’m a 16 year old college student and I want to confess something.

We were in high school when I first met him. When we were in third year, I had a crush on him. Before the school year ended, he courted me and three days later, he became my first boyfriend. Weeks later, my friend told me that he had other girlfriends. I was hurt and so I broke up with him.

When another school year started, he courted me again. I was hesitant at first because I’m afraid that he will hurt me again. HE knew what I felt so he made ways to earn my trust again. And because I loved him, I received him back. After some time, I found out that he really, really love me. He never failed to make me feel special everyday. Even if he is put to shame, he doesn’t care as long as he could show to the world how much he loved me. He is so thoughtful, caring and responsible.

Recently, he started “dirty talking” to me. I was uncomfortable at first because I’m still innocent about what he is talking about. I kept on answering him and even ask him what he means whenever he say something I don’t understand. after sometime, sex came out of our topic.

Every time we talk, he always opens the topic. It was as if he is educating me, since I am not really oriented with it.

Now, here is the problem. While we were exchanging text messages weeks ago, he opened the topic about it again. and this time, he was asking me to have sex with him. He admitted to me that he was desiring to have me ever since he loved me. I already saw it coming but I was a little disappointed. He already know how conservative I was. I am a devout Catholic and he knows I won’t give in. I admit we have been kissing but I made it clear to him from the beginning that I won’t agree to have sex with him. But he told me that he really love me and assured me. His objective why he asked me is that he wanted to show me how much he love me. So now it made me really confused. does he really mean what he say? What if he just want to use me and then leave me? If that happens, it will really hurt me.

So if you were on my shoes, would you give in or not?

(Screen) Name: confused girl

i have no idea

Some time last year i met the guy of my life literally did. He made me feel save, comfortable, loved in weird way, and i was so innocent before i met him. We were suppose to get married but he had to go back home:( and that’s when months months later i found out he is married. We talk rarely but even though i should forget about him and know he wasn’t meant for me it is literally impossible:(

(Screen) Name: Nina_07

How may believe will run me down

I am a teenager that has always believe in doing what i felt is right never ask any one for advice and things has always been working out for of. But this time i got it wrong. There is this girl that leave with her aunty in the neighbour-hood, i got attracted to her and she ask me out and i reluctantly accept and we started dating and having sex and now she is pregnant. But i foot know how to report this to my parent, she lied, telling her parent that it a man she meet at the night club that is responsible for pregnancy. But she called and told me that the pregnancy is mine and that she wants’ to keep the baby when an ready to be a father, i can come to take the baby

(Screen) Name: mathew

“Online Affairs”

..I’m a very optimistic type of woman, friendly, bubbly, has a fighting spirit, but I’m not very direct when it comes to my feelings. I’d say that I’ve been into such relationships which ends up badly or such a way that i think of it. Years ago, when I was a freshmen student I met this guy, he’s way too older than me and I don’t care nor love him. It just felt like that time i need some attention and thinks that it would save me from the current complicated situation I’m in. Specially I was suffering a family problem. We’ve been together for 5 days and he wants something to happen with us sexually. I really don’t like and I don’t ever like when he touch me. Eventually we did try but i quit and just refuse. He started fooling around and i don’t care I just wanna go back to my old life without him. He’s a total waste of time!! But before that I had this wonderful chat with a guy online. He’s way too far from me..though he’s a bit older than me, i feel the connection between us. I did love him. We almost chatter for a year, spent good times online, fun times, fight sometimes,etc..etc..but things didn’t went well. He said he had found someone there and she really likes him but i bet he is married. Oh well lesson learned but i did cried a river for him! and we even didn’t met in person. So i go on with my studies, really want to finish while having dose of family problems. And because i felt like wanting some attention i decided to meet this older guy i chatted few times online. He’s divorced and has a kid. I don’t really have plans to go steady with him. I just feel like that time it’s good to have someone around, talk but i know he only wants sex. Well nothing happened, but he did tried seducing me but thanks God i didn’t give in because all that time I’m still thinking of my old flame with that guy i chatted online for a year.
And then again year later, another man i met online, he’s a lonely person, needs some attention, lack confidence but very generous. I feel guilty since I’m only using him for my own benefits but I did help him to make feel good about himself. He’s older than me…way too older. We met in person. We did try oral sex but not the actual intercourse, for me I’m sure of myself that I wouldn’t give in to him but I just like to try some sexual activities with him and besides I know he deserve it anyways. But then he realized I don’t really love him and so I did try to save our relationship but I know it’s going nowhere. So we both separate ways and I just wish him happiness and I don’t really feel sad.
And so finally i met this guy again online!! I feel that he’s just the one for me. We’re very compatible and i fall in love with him and i believe the feeling is mutual. We met and spent good time with each other. Officially he’s my first. And i don’t regret it, i like it and I’m happy he is that guy. I love him so much and we’re still working our relationship. I just realized we need to be more trusting with each other and loyal. I wish he’d be my forever though i don’t really tell him things like this. I just really tell him that I love him and do my best to show it to him. And what’s important we’re happy!!!
I just really feel I’m attracted to guys who’s older than me because i feel they could take care of me and love me better. And i feel secure! but still it depends on the person. Past is past, whatever happens in the past,we should not blame ourselves. Instead we should learn from it and try to be the best person we can be. And i so fucking love this guy I have a relationship with now and I’ll do my best to be with him always.:-)

(Screen) Name: Damngurl62

Im in love….

I have known this boy for about 2 year now, and we have became to close to each other, he kept telling me he loved me but it was such sort timing, so I did now want to show my true feelings for him yet, not so long ago we started fading apart and stopped talking and then I found out him and my friend were together, thats when it broke my heart and I then knew I should of told him my true feelings for him earlier. They have recently split up and I poured my heart out about how much feelings I have for him, but he says hes lost all the love he had for me. How can I win his heart back?

(Screen) Name: Broken_hearted…

Advice for teenagers…

If you are a teenager and you think it’s ‘love’, trust me it’s not, it’s just a crush. When you’re young and all these strange new hormones are flooding throughout your body, you start to mistake these intense emotions for ‘real’ feelings. It’s biological. Once you become an fully matured adult and no longer a pubescent, you will understand that healthy relationships come from feelings of mutual trust and respect, not purely from a chemical or physical reaction in your body.
Trust me on this, when you mature into an adult you will mellow out so much and look at the person you thought was ‘the one’ for you and think, ‘What the hell did I see in him/her?’
I really feel for you teens, and I am so glad I don’t have to go through what you are going through.
Stay strong, maintain high values and always make decisions out of respect for yourself and others. Take good care of your body because it is still developing and you don’t want to screw it up when it hasn’t even fully matured yet. God, I wish somebody had emphasised that to me back then.
Peace xo

(Screen) Name: A. Person