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2nd woman

Hi I am now 24 years old..I am in a relationship and I really love that man but he is married. And still goes home to his wife because of his daughter. He don't love his wife anymore because his wife is a nagger and never been contented with their lives. She keeps on nagging [...]

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im not sure

I stayed at a cadet camp for 6 weeks this summer. i met a girl who lives an hour from me and i went crazy for her but she was taken by another guy. after they broke up we were together, but the summer before i fell in luv with a girl who lived half [...]

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comming out

hi this is me im a 16 year old girl that thinks i am in love with a girl but hey im only 16 rite but the thing is i just cant take all the negaitve things m parents have to say about my girlfriend like arent you suppose to love ur children for who [...]

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M.S., you should know…

I watched your friends descend the stairs and you followed them down. That was the first time I saw you... and I immediately fell in love with you. I'm too afraid to tell you, because I don't want to scare you away. So my prince I love you and I hope one day you might [...]

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Lauren is Going Out

She Making Out with a guy named a Alex, they have even had sexual contact(it into it) love is sssooooooo in the air they have had alot of SEX! they thought it was BOOTYLICIOUS!(Screen) Name: Lauren Waller

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In her bed

I never imagined I'd ever have a story like this in my life. I was younger then, about 19. He was 26. He came on to me so strong. He was not a much of a looker and I could have resisted but I chose not to...instead I allowed him to continue his charade that [...]

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I’m looking for someone…

Do you feel like you're living a lie? Are you ready to make a change? We can help. From the Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary series, "Intervention" comes a new series about people who are living double lives. We are searching for people who are tired of keeping their secret from family, friends, and [...]

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Other woman

Please help me I Meet my ex boyfriend 22years ago he is married and have 2 kids We meet and then we start dating and fall in love to each other again and we got sex every time he has a free time from work.We know we doing wrong but we cannot control our feelings.Please [...]

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i’m a mistress of my boss

hi, i'm 19 years old.. i'm now working as an encoder, as what i wrote i my confession title i'm a mistress of my boss,i didn't intend to be his mistress but i can't forced my self to not fall in love with him. He confess to me all his secret in his married life, [...]

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It’s Too Late

I had been so in love with this boy since the fifth grade. Now, I still love him. He is my best friend. Many boys said that he loved me but i didn't show my feelings to anyone. He courted me. I didn't say yes.. One day, he avoided me and I think he courted [...]

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