In her bed

I never imagined I’d ever have a story like this in my life. I was younger then, about 19. He was 26. He came on to me so strong. He was not a much of a looker and I could have resisted but I chose not to…instead I allowed him to continue his charade that I playfully went along with. The thrill was amazing. Maybe it was the feeling of being wanted…in bed at least or maybe it was the danger of being exposed that kept me interested. Whatever it was, I was keenly interested and I sinfully encouraged and entertained his phone calls, going for drives, him buying me sexy underwear, going shopping and stuff. With him being my best friend’s boyfriend I could not make any demands or expect a whole lot more and this was enough for me, so I accepted it.
Initially, I warned her that he was a no-good piece of trash and she should confront him for making passes at me. But when she did, he lied flat out and said I was the one coming on to him, and she quickly believed him and did not speak to me for days on end.
His first call came, not so much of a surprise then…I expected it. What I didn’t expect were his confessions and why he wanted to tell me of all persons. Then it was obvious that with my friend disbelieving me, he had her on his side and nothing else I say would make her listen. Hence, the confessions began. He told me how he found out after they had hooked up that she had slept with his best friend prior to their relationship, and though that had nothing to do with him, he explained feeling stupid and used. (What a dumbass lol). He made confessions of other girls he slept with during their relationship. I was horrified but you know what? I warned her and she did not believe me so whatever.
His calls were on the regular. One day my friend phoned me saying she was going to break up with him bla bla bla. I, of course, remained silent. As I live closer to him, she literally begged me to go and collect a document she had left at this house and needed urgently. She ‘gave’ me his number. I rang him and was on my way.
On arrival, he seemed so excited to see me, and as you can imagine, was in no hurry to have me leave. He brought one topic up after another. He finally got to talking about his relationship. He mentioned that she dropped by earlier in the week and met another girl there and he was so upset that she just popped in unannounced and ruined whatever he had planned for him and this other girl. I laughed at his audacity. I never felt sorry for my friend. I felt betrayed by her for not believing me in the first instance and I just didn’t care. While I was there, she called. He took the call in his room, and then came to get me. I sat on the bed next to him. He had placed the call on speaker for my benefit. I listened to her begging him to love her and to let them work on their relationship. (But didn’t she tell me she was leaving?) Her conversation was pathetic and pitiful, I laughed in my heart at her stupidity.
At the end of the conversation, he said he was relieved she wanted to leave him because he did not want to do it and end up being blamed for hurting her. He mourned of how she was boring in bed (that I believe, from what she told me), she doesn’t change positions, she doesn’t move, she doesn’t moan, she’s like a dead sheep. Then he told me the type of girl he liked and I admit, the sex talk really turned me on and before long we were kissing and he laid me back on the bed. It wasn’t long before we were having such great sex! In her bed! I hadn’t had sex in ages and it sure felt good. He was really big (she didn’t lie about that) and so good, I basically had a constant orgasm. Did I just sleep with my best friend’s man? I comforted myself saying, well they are breaking up anyway and she wasn’t exactly the saint she portrayed herself to be in his eyes. We had sex several times after that first time and it was after one of our wild sex sessions that I brought him to the light. The look on his face when I told him he shouldn’t worry so much about hurting her because she is cheating on him with a man 11years older than him..…PRICELESS.

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