I am in a organization that immorality is totally prohibited and a killable offense. Before I got myself in, I was warned that I may get myself involved in unhealthy relationship. Now, I found myself in a relationship that is totally unhealthy. I’m loving a guy who is married. We’re both in this organization and we find ourselves inlove. We both know, it’s wrong yet we chose to go along and not think about probable consequence/s. As long we are happy, this relationship will be our secret.

(Screen) Name: idol

An Affair to Remember…

I have been involved with a man, who is tall, handsome, sexy, and really knows how to satisfy a woman! He has the charm, the cute smile, the intelligence, and the security he gives when you are in his arms. This man, is so good at what he does, it’s insane. I feel he has me under a spell. This affair started 8 months ago…we started spending so much time together, morning hello’s, great afternoon conversations, late night sexting. Most of all, he makes me laugh, and we have things in common from humor to wants. He spoils me, makes me feel loved, secure and gives me the great feeling of comfort. He is there when I need someone to cheer me up, a shoulder to cry on and someone to share great news to. He listens gives me advice and shares his personal experiences. He has watched me grow into a mature adult(which, I am still in progress) he has pushed me to do my best at things, inspires me, motivates me. This man has become my best friend. The passion is amazing between the two of us. He fulfills me sexual desires, and leave me with the anticipation of wanting him more. He has become like a drug. I know I don’t need him but I want him. I have fallen in love with this man. I have spent many years looking for someone just like him. He is a hard working man, the type of man you are proud of and you want to bring him home to your family. He is strong, passionate, kind, patient, giving, and humble. He is everything a woman would want. So, here is the deepest secret of all….He is my boss, a married man. Now, he did seem too good to be true, right? He has been there for me in ways no other man has. Of course, I know where this ends, it always ends with just an affair to remember. No future, No family, just emptiness and heartbroken. But, it becomes a memory that will be kept secretly ingrained in your heart. I will forever, remember him and carry him in my heart. I have come to realize, that this type of man doesn’t exist, we just believe what we want and see what we want and that is always what is in our best interest. Unfortunately, he is my manager where I work at, and I see him everyday, we don’t even have our own office, we sit right next to each other, and spend the day laughing, touching, talking and of course working…it seems so great! But, the sad part is that, it is not fair to his wife, not fair to me. And I go home alone at the end of each day and he goes home to his wife he can’t stand. I am a good person with a good heart. I am also giving, kind, loving and I have a lot to give. I am funny,I make mistakes, I laugh at my own jokes, I am clumsy and I love “Love”. Why is it so hard to meet someone that is not so complicated? Life is not fair but, it sure is fun while we are in the moments of hot passionate sex and with good company. Oh, how I wish life was a lot more simple sometimes.

(Screen) Name: Miss Lovely

… one night stand!!!

there is a boy who was a club singer at our place .. then we had sex .. because we are attractive to each other i know he has a girlfriend but it didn’t happened again .. then we had a conversation on facebook and his wife happened to be his wife now read it … and now … the wife use some4 words that i can’t take .. i know i’m wrong but i’m just a girl who’s inlove … and i’m thinking of filling charges to her … is it right .. i hate the boy because ha can’t protect me … i’m really depressed ..

(Screen) Name: nailgurl


I have a beautiful gf who I am totally in love with the problem is I don’t know if she can love the real me I have had some gender confusion since I was a child and even tho im a masculine guy physically inside ive always felt more like a woman I have alot of feminine desires and interest how do I confess this to her without scaring her away. I have no intentions of having a sex change or living life as a woman just would like her to know and accept the real me.

(Screen) Name: sam

im inlove with the person who has already GF

when i was in highschool i kept on looking him,i told myself that i want to get in touch with him. and as time goes by, hindi ko na siya nakita, but when i entered college i saw him he was my schoolmate,the feeling that i have with him “hindi nawala,still eager and waiting for him,at first i disappointed, “he has already a GF” i was hurt so much…i couldn’t even understand…i really love him,i dont know why??? can you help me what should i do?

(Screen) Name: elegant mhe

I am…….

I am a pathological liar. I tell lies upon lies upon lies, and I am tired of it. I am also addicted to porn and I am only 19. I don’t have sex with no one ( but myself) I feel lonely and I hate my life. I am overweight and hate my self. I tried losing weight but I always give up. I blame no one but my self for this. I have one friend and I envy her. I want her life the only thing that I don’t envy is that she is over weight like me. I carry myself as a go lucky person but I wish death every day of my life.

(Screen) Name: Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

Secretly inlove

I’m 20 years old and I left my hometown two months ago. Not only I left the memories of my childhood, but also I left the man whom I secretly fall in love with.
I met him when I attended and became a member of a Baptist Church nearby. He is a military student of a nearby academy. He will be graduating next year.
He is the son of one of the church leaders, Sir Jojo, a retired military officer and a well good woman- Maam Joy. They belong to a well good family.They have an intact family relationship. While in my case, I’m a daughter of a single parent, grew up in a province, and the only Baptist Christian in the family. My family is not well good one, only we live a simple kind of living.
His name is Micheal. Micheal and I is not so close. He just treat me as a church co-member. He has no idea that from the beginning, I have a special feeling for him.
I don’t know if we will be going to see each other again but I only pray to God that he is my dream guy- the guy I want to be the father of my future kids.
The situation now is very dull. It seems my love for him has no hope because I settle in another country, we have no communication and we have different family and financial status.
Only faith is my hope to be with him someday. I wish God will answer my prayer soon. But if God will not, I know He has a better plan for my lovelife.

(Screen) Name: lenlen

.i dont know what to say .

iv been going out with this guy for maby a month now but i dont think i love him but evry day he tells me he loves me and i say it back…but i know i really dont mean it and i dont wana brake up with him cuz i kinda go to the same church with him :/ i dont know what to do what to tell him or how to tell him i would love to hear ur advice
bye the way i am 13 years old not trying to make it even more germatic then it already is

(Screen) Name: nakwi123

forbidden relationship

im mikai,a 3rd year student of zamboanga city.It was on friday when i met this guy so called mr.k in marketing subject.
i was so impressed at him because he is the first guy in the school who made me laugh that day,it was so fun being with him because we talk a lot of things we have in common,it was sunday night when he invited me in his house and i was so excited because i want to know him more and more theres nothing that i expect more than chatting,but unexpectedly it happen that we make love that night ,my mind is running because i dont know if its right,and i know both of us is in a relationship with other…
i ask him”do you love me??
he said ‘yes,from the time we meet i feel something special about you,and im doing this thing because i want to know you more and more..
its been three months our relationship is getting blurred,its because i cannot show my love in public because he is settled by his parents to other woman..it was so hurt to think that it should be that way,i broke up with my boyfriend because i just want him alonewho will own me.everytime i ask him if he really does love me..he always says he love,that he truly care,and that he wiil always be forever at my side but how can we survive if our relationship is forbidden,???can he truly fight for me???
i need an advice ,

(Screen) Name: ms.k

What to do!?

Well, I’m not sure this qualifies as a secret. But, maybe a confession.
My girlfriend is in a very stressful time right now, Between work and her grandfather being ill. I do all I can to help out and sometimes may cause a little more stress on her not knowing.
I did happen to catch myself in looking too far into the future of our relationship, seeing her more as a wife than a Girlfriend, I didn’t mean to do this. So intern, I was gettin onto her about things I didn’t need to be, adding more stress. she started shuting down a little, still I really didn’t know what was going on. I’d still come out to her and stay my days off work with her and help her with her work, she’s a kindergarten teacher. I work Security.
We are currently on a break, where I told her she needs to work on her physical communication with me. Call me more, have conversation with me, tell me how her grandfather is doing. Things to help her with everything. I love her so much and I know she loves me. My big concern right now is she won’t tell me she loves me, she says to protect me incase things don’t work out. It kills me to end a phone conversation and her say bye and no I love you.
What do I do!? I want her to tell me how she feels, I want things to be better. I can’t stand not talking to her. I am guessing the best thing to do is let everything be and let her do what she will.
Any assistance will help, I’m goin crazy. My appitite sucks right now, at first I couldn’t sleep then I slept ove ten hours. It’s been three full days and it seems to get better, but I can only tthink about her and wonder if she thinks about me. No rules were really set, Please help.

(Screen) Name: Lawman527