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I am in a organization that immorality is totally prohibited and a killable offense. Before I got myself in, I was warned that I may get myself involved in unhealthy relationship. Now, I found myself in a relationship that is totally unhealthy. I'm loving a guy who is married. We're both in this organization and [...]

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An Affair to Remember…

I have been involved with a man, who is tall, handsome, sexy, and really knows how to satisfy a woman! He has the charm, the cute smile, the intelligence, and the security he gives when you are in his arms. This man, is so good at what he does, it's insane. I feel he has [...]

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… one night stand!!!

there is a boy who was a club singer at our place .. then we had sex .. because we are attractive to each other i know he has a girlfriend but it didn't happened again .. then we had a conversation on facebook and his wife happened to be his wife now read it [...]

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I have a beautiful gf who I am totally in love with the problem is I don't know if she can love the real me I have had some gender confusion since I was a child and even tho im a masculine guy physically inside ive always felt more like a woman I have alot [...]

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im inlove with the person who has already GF

when i was in highschool i kept on looking him,i told myself that i want to get in touch with him. and as time goes by, hindi ko na siya nakita, but when i entered college i saw him he was my schoolmate,the feeling that i have with him "hindi nawala,still eager and waiting for [...]

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I am…….

I am a pathological liar. I tell lies upon lies upon lies, and I am tired of it. I am also addicted to porn and I am only 19. I don't have sex with no one ( but myself) I feel lonely and I hate my life. I am overweight and hate my self. I [...]

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Secretly inlove

I'm 20 years old and I left my hometown two months ago. Not only I left the memories of my childhood, but also I left the man whom I secretly fall in love with. I met him when I attended and became a member of a Baptist Church nearby. He is a military student of [...]

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.i dont know what to say .

iv been going out with this guy for maby a month now but i dont think i love him but evry day he tells me he loves me and i say it back...but i know i really dont mean it and i dont wana brake up with him cuz i kinda go to the same [...]

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forbidden relationship

hi, im mikai,a 3rd year student of zamboanga city.It was on friday when i met this guy so called mr.k in marketing subject. i was so impressed at him because he is the first guy in the school who made me laugh that day,it was so fun being with him because we talk a lot [...]

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What to do!?

Well, I'm not sure this qualifies as a secret. But, maybe a confession. My girlfriend is in a very stressful time right now, Between work and her grandfather being ill. I do all I can to help out and sometimes may cause a little more stress on her not knowing. I did happen to catch [...]

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