forbidden relationship

im mikai,a 3rd year student of zamboanga city.It was on friday when i met this guy so called mr.k in marketing subject.
i was so impressed at him because he is the first guy in the school who made me laugh that day,it was so fun being with him because we talk a lot of things we have in common,it was sunday night when he invited me in his house and i was so excited because i want to know him more and more theres nothing that i expect more than chatting,but unexpectedly it happen that we make love that night ,my mind is running because i dont know if its right,and i know both of us is in a relationship with other…
i ask him”do you love me??
he said ‘yes,from the time we meet i feel something special about you,and im doing this thing because i want to know you more and more..
its been three months our relationship is getting blurred,its because i cannot show my love in public because he is settled by his parents to other was so hurt to think that it should be that way,i broke up with my boyfriend because i just want him alonewho will own me.everytime i ask him if he really does love me..he always says he love,that he truly care,and that he wiil always be forever at my side but how can we survive if our relationship is forbidden,???can he truly fight for me???
i need an advice ,

(Screen) Name: ms.k



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